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Shannon is a woman who loves her family and dear friends.  She was diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of March 2023.  She went thru surgery for this cancer on March 30, 2023.  The Doctor was not able to get as much as he had hoped.  She lost a lot of blood during surgery, so he had to stop the surgery and work on stopping the bleeding.  She has started her Chemotherapy.  One treatment complete, now for 5 more.  Then after that, theres another CT Scan to see if the Chemo is helping. She has rare cancer, Serous Tubal intraepithelial carcinoma (STIC).  We are holding out all hope that the chemo will do the job it’s supposed to.  Shannon will need all of her energy to fight this cancer.  We are asking for all the help that we can get so she can focus on fighting and not worrying about how she will pay the medical expenses that her insurance does not cover and her bills from lost wages while she is not working.  Shannon was notified on Friday morning, from the company she works for, that they will be closing their doors by December 31, 2023.  So not only is she fighting for her life, she also has the worry about trying to find a new job on top of it.  She has a very strong support system in place.  And she has a positive outlook on this and is determined to fight her hardest.  Let’s help her so she can put all of her needed energy into this fight of her life.  Thank you from all of us at Team Shannon!!


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