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My husband John Sullivan and I first met in 1962 at ages 14 and 16. We fell madly in love. My father was a Navy pilot, so within a year, we moved a thousand miles away.  With no way to connect (no internet in 1962) we fell out of touch.  In 2010, as a widow, we connected, and we were shocked to realize how deeply in love we still were. After a week of getting back together ( on Valentines Day) we looked at each other and said “ What 48 years, l don’t even remember it!”

Throughout the past decade, we both have battled cancer.  In 2016 l had breast cancer and in 2018 John had mouth cancer.  We overcame, and our 10-year honeymoon continued. In 2021 John had a quadruple bypass and then they discovered he had lung cancer.  This has spread to stage 4. The regular oncologist gave him such strong chemo that one night he almost passed from the chemo.  With nothing else to offer him but more of that chemo the oncologist recommended more chem and hospice.  We had to find an alternative remedy if John was to live.  Our daughter found EuroMed on line a center in Phoenix that is curing incurable cancers.  Since coming to Phoenix he is return normal labs and his tumor has shrunk considerably.  Still, cancer is in the lungs has grown very little but has not disappeared yet.
More treatments are required.
The catch is insurance considers EuroMed alternative meds and won’t pay.  Since coming in June we have spent over $100,000. We are quickly running out of resources and John is still in need of treatment.   We are in love more than ever and we would love to continue this journey together for some time to come.

My determination is for us to be able to stay alive for 10 more years until at least 2033 and to continue inspiring underprivileged youth.  We both taught high school for over 30 years ( me math, John Science) and currently continue to encourage and mentor underprivileged youth through Florida s Take Stock In Children program.  We also work with young people through the Soka Gakkai International.  Every day we talk, support, and inspire young people to live lives of integrity and dedication!


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