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My name is Wendell Cossey. My wife and I are creating this page to bring attention to our nation’s unsung heroes on the border and the overwhelming effect on their lives. The lack of understanding, appreciation, support and constitutional respect by so many people causes these men and women to succumb to anxiety and depression. However, the focus of this story is on one individual, Vince Hampel (pictured above), that decided he needs help. He has served with many of these men and women on the front line of our southern border that are working there today. He loved his work and the people that had his back. An accumulation of numerous issues is considered to contribute to his decision to seek help. The major events include his mandatory retirement from the border patrol at age 57 in 2017 and a devastating California divorce.  His loss of income in late 2020 and 2021 due to covid 19. The most recent devastating news is his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. All this has pushed him into a downward spiral of alcohol and prescription drug abuse, terrible depression and many sleepless nights with anxiety. His sister (my wife) and I are extremely concerned for the life of all these patriots and especially her brother Vince. For him to realign body, mind and spirit he needs the confidence of knowing he has a debt accountability plan in place and that he doesn’t have to worry about the security of his loved ones. After about five years and lots of urging from his family and friends he decided to seek help and be admitted to rehab. Give God all the Glory. The last piece of the puzzle it to bring his immigrant wife to the states by way of a K-1 Visa. So, the big question is, what’s it going to take to lighten this burden for Vince and put him on the road to recovery. We consider a conservative estimate will be $100,000 +/-. Probably $10,000 medical, $10,000 Visa and $80.000 legal obligations and loss of income debt. Finally, we thank each and every one that takes the time to read Vince’s story and for any small donation you can share. God Bless you all and God Bless America

The following is a belated update on Vince Hample. After a month in rehab, he stopped drinking and received help organizing his medications. He found out he was taking his Parkinson’s medication incorrectly and it was causing him confusion and bad side effects. He returned to his sister’s home in Edgewood for a week where he shared quality time with relatives and loved ones. The following Saturday he traveled to Dekar to spend time with Maimouna for two weeks. He plans to return to California to settle some business affairs and work for a month or so.

We plan to keep this gifting website up for a while to allow those that can share this information on Facebook and other media platforms. Vince is intent on paying all his debts and you have already been a great help. He would like to make a special thanks to all of you for blessing him so much in his time of need. Also, he would like to lift up Eric Gough and his family in prayer in his passing from a heart attack.

God Bless you all,

Wendell Cossey on behalf of:

Vince Hample


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