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Hello, my name is Adam Butler, and I am the President of the Ichthys Foundation.  A Colleague of mine and I set out one day to try and do something good and just in a cruel world.  We decided to take action and help fellow Christians who have been caught up in this ongoing crisis.

Many things are going on throughout the world.  Here at the Ichthys Foundation, Inc, we strive to assist our Christian brothers and sisters that have been caught up in these tumultuous times and in hostile environments, helping them to relocate to safe and free societies, where they may Worship & Serve Our Lord and King Jesus Christ, without fear of reprisals.

Currently we have 2 families which we are trying to support.  Family #1 is a Kurdish Christian family that has escaped persecution from Iran, and is currently in Turkey, trying to go west.  Family #2 is a Ukrainian Christian family that has escaped the destruction caused by the Russian invasion, and they are currently in Germany but only have a temporary protective status.

Both families are seeking to move to North America, and they truly need your help.  We plan on taking more families in the future.  These 2 families are our pilot cases.

Please help us put smiles on the faces of our brothers and sisters.  If you know of a person or persons that are Christians and in need of similar assistance, please feel free to reach out.

You don’t know how much your donations mean to us.  If you need confirmation of our business, please reach out at contact@ichthysfoundation.org.  I’d love to sit down and explain in detail, our global commitment to our extended Christian family.


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