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Today I decided to come to you all, asking for help for my wife, she suffers from breast cancer since 2012, she fighting as a warrior for all those years, we have 3 children Aaliyah, Keyon, and Aylanies. We work hard to grow our kids. In 2017 we moved to Fl after Hurricane Maria hit our Island. I stayed in PR until May 2018. When I arrive in Fl I found my wife in bed crying with a lot of pain, she does not have insurance and can’t find an oncologist who can attend to her and the cancer go over her body, finally, I take her to the ER, and they said she did not have cancer and release her, I take her back inside and finally found the cancer in the groin, after that, we apply for the insurance, and they approve her treatment, but before that, Dr. Bustinza Linares begin the treatment without insurance because the cancer reach stage 4, Jenny receive treatment for the past 5 years. In 2021 I take her to the ER thinking she have covid for our surprise the Dr found a tumor on the left side of her head the cancer go up to the head>  She go for emergency surgery and the neurologist remove 99.5% of the tumor. She received radio and quinoa, she continue her fight against cancer and survive again but 6 months later another tumor appeared on the back of her head. This time she received the laser, and they can destroy the tumor, after that she lost the ability to walk and be in the bed for long time I care for her every day, and have to quit my job and stay at home with her, after a month of therapy and treatment she began to walk again with difficulty but can stand up and walk. this hard time for us. Everybody knows how expensive is this disease we a low-income family by our self in Florida go back to Pr is not an option; also we care for her mom who has dementia is hard. For that reason we ask for your help she wants to continue fighting and never give up she is our warrior, and I respect her, if you feel in your heart that you want to help her we appreciate with our hearts. Thanks, Blessing Jennifer Rodriguez, breast and brain cancer patient.


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