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Hi, my name is Laura and I am sad to say that I am fundraising to help my aunt get the heart surgery that she needs. She fell ill a couple of weeks ago and needs a double valve replacement. This illness came on suddenly. She was fine one minute and sick the next. She is only 50 years old and lost her older brother in October of 2023. She is on a ventilator and in and out of consciousness. Her insurance will cover most of the operation but we are still short 5000 dollars. I am not in a financial situation to pay that amount. She is a single mother of three and the kindest person I know. Her family is devastated because without this surgery she will not make it. I do not have a big social connection. I am mainly a loner so I do not have anyone else that I can ask for support during this time. I also would not be opposed to doing some extra work to raise the funds. So if you have any odd jobs you need done you can reach me on here and I would be happy to help. If you can find it in your heart to help my aunt get her operation I will be forever grateful and it would also help if you could spread the word to anybody you can think of that can help. I am aware that not everyone is able to donate. If you are unable to donate you can still help and support us by keeping her in your prayers. Thank you and god bless.


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