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My Name is Peter, and the Love of my life, Nermine, was married and healthy for five years until she felt dizzy. She was losing weight abnormally she was so ill I took her to hospital then we discovered that she had blood cancer at stage 4, which was very late to be treated or cured, so me watching her in the very painful stage she couldn’t even stand normally or do anything and not having any money. I try to ask my medical insurance to cover the radiation or Chemotherapy. Still, they refused because there was no fund for me as I’m a Waiter. now I have to work more than 16 hours, seven days a week, but I still can’t afford the treatment. I see it now. Every day is suffering; I try to give her some painkillers, but her pain is very severe now, and she can’t stand anymore. She needs surgery, and I tried to ask many doctors to do it now, and I will work and pay later. Still, he said he needs fund to do it, and insurance is not covering any of this fund, and she needs blood donations every month and also not covered by medical insurance
She is dying now, and I can’t do anything, so please help me to get my wife back and to end her pain. We are very desperate with no money left for chemotherapy or surgery.


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