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Hello, my name is Dyneshia. The family and I are seeking to raise money to help with the funeral expenses for my granddaddy. He is currently at  Methodist University Hospital in Memphis. We have been in constant contact with the hospital. Today, we received a call stating to get our affairs in order and he is now in hospice. He has dementia and his organs are shutting down. We need to raise at least $3,000 as soon as possible. Spencer Wiggins has become very known for his music and he has devoted his life to music and we will remember him as such. As family and friends let’s pull together to make this happen. If you can contribute at least twenty dollars, we would greatly appreciate it. Anything you can contribute is a blessing and will be appreciated.    Spencer Wiggins is loved by so many and has always liked to laugh and joke. He attended New Baptist Church as a deacon under the care of Bishop Victor T. Curry of Miami, Florida. Spencer never liked to miss a Sunday of church or Thursday for choir practice. He started in the 60’s with soul music to later move on to his love of gospel music.  He’s well known in the UK and can be listened to on youtube, iTunes, pandora Instagram, and Spotify, and seen on Bill Street in Memphis. Spencer is now eighty one We want to give him a special home going as he takes the Keys To The Kingdom.


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