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Please help me locate my stepdaughter, she was kidnapped Monday morning. I’ve contacted the police but they haven’t been much help as of yet. I’ve been contacted by the kidnapper and he is asking for $3,000.00 before the 17th of March or he will kill her. The last place she was seen was Blackhawk Colorado, in the mountains close to the casino resorts. Her name is Jada Cooper-Cooksey and she is 12 (twelve) years of age, 5’3 130 pounds. She is African American with black hair, shoulder length, and has a small gap between her front two teeth. She was last seen with a White spaghetti strap shirt and small silver necklace around her neck with a diamond hanging from it. If you see her please contact me! Jada has a heart condition and she is without her medicine. If she does not get her medicine soon she may very well die from that. I am in dire need of help.  I really appreciate all who took the time out to read this and I appreciate any and everyone who donates. Also, Any and everything will help, I have already raised $800.00 but I am running out of time. If it’s laid upon your heart to help please do so. Thank you! I really would like to get my stepdaughter back home, safe and sound! God bless


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