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From Marco:

On July 8th I went into the ER after losing sensation and ability to walk with my right leg. July 10th I had spinal surgery because a tumor was found hitting on a nerve causing the pain in my leg. August 10th I received back my lab results letting me know the tumor was cancerous. Ewing Sarcoma is the cancer I have been diagnosed with. On August 15th my son, Enzo was born.  On August 21st I will be starting intense chemotherapy that will last 7 months. Another MRI was done and the cancer looks like it has grown and spread into the pelvis region.  This will add Radiation to course of treatment as well

The world of my family and I has changed drastically. The last few weeks have brought lots of tears. Some tears of joy and many of sadness. The darkness seems to never fade away. As my family and I begin this new journey to beat cancer I ask for prayer. The biggest fear I have is the unknown. I will fight for my family until the end. I know God will be with us through it all.

We are starting the fundraiser to help Marco and Maggie with the costs of cancer treatments, we know this is going to be a long and hard process, but we trust that God will be there with them as they go through this, they know that they are not alone. We can all help them as they start their family and fight this battle.


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