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Hello! If you do not know me my name is Gina Matlock, but folks in Alabama just call me Mama Kat! I am a local Southern Appalachian Herbalist who works and lives in the Madison, AL area. I have always tried to help everyone in need regardless of one’s ability to pay or not to pay. I feel money should always be second to a healer. Now I have to ask for help and that is something I am just not used to doing. On New Year’s Eve I fell off a stool while painting my daughter’s room and took a horrible fall. I managed to break my leg and completely disintegrate my ACL and my MCL is buckled and folded in half. Since I grow and sell fresh foraged mushrooms, herbs, elixirs, and teas I am definitely in a bind. I will be off my feet for a minimum of 4 months after surgery. My insurance will not kick in until I pay $8,000.00 in deductibles and then it only covers 50% of outpatient surgery. As you may be able to guess herbalism is a noble but not well-paying career. I am asking that if it is in your heart to do so that you help me in reaching my goal to pay for surgery and extensive rehab. With your help I can be back to helping the community and hopefully back to work by mid-June. Those that know me know how hard it is for me to ask for help for myself as this shoe on the other foot seems odd to me. However, I ask that you give from your heart as I do from mine and if you only have $1.00 to give then it is greatly appreciated. I will be down during planting season and at least half of my foraging season so I have to make ends meet somehow. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With love and light,

Gina “Mama Kat” Matlock


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