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As difficult as it is for me to ask for help I am swallowing my pride and hoping that this will help. I’m a single mom with 5 kids, I graduated rehab in March and have been working really hard to stay sober and provide everything my children need and I was doing a really great job until I got put out of work on medical leave. I’m still maintaining my sobriety of course however financially I’m struggling. Due to only being at my job for 6 months it is unpaid medical leave. I’ve got to have surgery on my wrist until then I have to wear a splint and my job couldn’t accommodate my restrictions. I’ve found a part time job that is willing to accommodate me but with the drastic decrease in pay I’m not making enough money to cover my bills and expenses incurred from going back and forth to doctor appointments. I hate asking for help but this is kinda my last option at this point because I don’t want my kids to do without and we have nowhere to go if I can’t pay our bills. I’ve applied for foodstamps, Medicaid, etc but all of that is still in process and they don’t know when it will get approved due to the whole state being behind in applications is what I was told. I’m actively trying to find any work that I would be able to do but it’s hard to find anything to accommodate the medical restrictions and on top of that I won’t be able to do anything for weeks after I have surgery. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


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