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Organized by Angelic Lucero on behalf of Joy Lujan
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4/26/24 update:

Joy was released from the hospital yesterday and settling into a routine at home with loved ones at hand while she recovers.

4/22/24 update:

Surgery day! Joy went in this morning for a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Her mom is waiting at the hospital, but the scheduled time is 8-10 hours, and Joy is expected to stay admitted for a few days.

4/3/24 update:

Contributors: follow this link for a “thank you” video message from Joy: 

3/24/24 update:

The surgery is scheduled for April 22, a 10-hour surgery with a 6-8 week recovery. Joy will start the hormone blocker tomorrow, the step that is most likely to impair clarity of thought and energy levels, and will need to take for at least 5 years.

2/23/24 update: surgery consultation done, awaiting a surgery date, likely to be April.

Cancer SUCKS.

Medical debt SUCKS extra.

A second breast cancer diagnosis 
just weeks after completing
treatment for the first breast
cancer diagnosis SUCKS.
More time out of work 
and more copays
are going to SUCK.

Thankfully there are
aspects of life
to counter all that sucks.

Healing and resilience
Friends and family providing
love and support are AWESOME.
and collective impact
are AWESOME. Joy Lujan is AWESOME!

Please consider showing your love, support,
and generosity this February by donating
towards Joy’s cancer treatment and healing expenses.

Find more details and/or receive ongoing updates at

Joy’s story in her words:

Many of you know that last March I was diagnosed with breast cancer – invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation – the whole shebang. My hospital treatments ended in December. I even rang a big ole bell to mark the occasion.
A couple of weeks ago, I had a 6-month post-surgery follow-up diagnostic mammogram. In a plot twist nobody was expecting, the mammogram showed some areas of concern. So, last Thursday [January 25], I had biopsies of areas in both breasts and guess what? I have cancer. Again. In both breasts this time.
It’s not a recurrence or leftovers from last time. It’s in different areas. This time, the cancer is “in situ” and hasn’t ventured beyond the ducts, unlike last year when it spread to surrounding tissue. The rounds of chemo I had last year wouldn’t have killed this cancer because chemo flows through the blood stream and while blood flows in the tissue around the ducts, it doesn’t get into the ducts. This cancer was hiding out where it couldn’t be killed.
I had an appointment with the surgeon on my oncology team [on February 1]. I do need to have a double mastectomy. But I DON’T have to have chemo or radiation again and I’m super grateful because chemo sucked. On the whole, I’m relieved. This can be dealt with. I can handle surgery. It won’t slow me down too much.

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