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Hello, my name is Richard Addison. My family and I family are struggling, and we are in a horrible situation. This year our landlord evicted us after buying a property that we lived at for eight years with no prior issues with the other landlord. When she became the landlord, she harassed us. People who worked with her would come into the backyard unannounced without letting us even know that they were there. She insisted on remodeling the interior and exterior of the house, granted she is the owner, but covid had just begun, and we weren’t vaccinated; we didn’t want to get covid from the strangers she wanted coming back and forth into our home. That is where the turmoil with her started. Nicole brought her friends over to change the kitchen, making it worse for us. We were left with a sink that spilled water everywhere and missing cabinets. She took us to court; she lied and said we destroyed things and that we were liars. Our legal aid lawyer basically only asked “why do y’all want to live there.” referring to all the horrible things Nicole was doing to us. It isn’t like moving because the landlord is harassing us was simple. That was her form of legal help to a family that did nothing wrong.

Subsequently, we were evicted on December 14th of this year. We are currently homeless, and we have nowhere to live. We are in the state of VA, staying at a motel. My mother, Felicia, my sister Jasmine and her two sons, Jayden and Jamere, are 16 and 14 and are disabled. We can’t get into any homeless shelters because everyone we have called and approached tells us either the shelters are closed, or there is no room for us. We have been staying at a motel using what little money we have, and we don’t know what we are going to do. We cannot keep paying for this room, and no one will help us with a shelter or aid that would normally go to the homeless. It will be Christmas in two days and all we can think about is if we will be out in the cold with two disabled young men. If anyone can find it in their hearts to help us, that would be everything. Please give us some hope if it is in your heart. Thankyou. The Addisons.


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