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Help Support Glen Molloy in his fight against prostate cancer and receive treatment.

Hello, my name is Jenny, I have been with my life partner for 6 years and I have created this campaign to help raise prostate cancer awareness and get some financial help for the love of my life, my best friend, my world. Words cannot express how much this man; Glen Molloy has changed my life and touched the lives of many. He is a man who lives life without fear or regret! This man came into my life and has blessed me with his love, kindness, smile and laughter. He is my rock! He is a father, brother, son, grandfather, cousin, nephew, friend and partner. A man of wisdom, good heart and positive energy sharing his love of old cars, boats, fishing and dancing while creating a world of memories that cannot be forgotten! Glen has always been there for his children, his family and friends. He is always ready when they need help without any hesitation! Glen is true to himself, living with a positive outlook on life and always standing strong even in darkest times!
Glen has been under doctor’s care for several months and received an elevated PSA on 3/14/24 which led to an MRI on 4/9/24 and biopsy of his prostate on 5/8/24 for suspicious nodules. We remained positive through it all, but on 5/13/24 we received bad news that Glen had prostate cancer. It has shaken our world, but the cancer was found at an early stage. He has a chance to fight this cancer and obtain an FDA treatment that is allowing men an alternative to avoid surgery and radiation with minimal side effects or deficiencies.
Immediately we began medical research to find alternative treatments to spare him the choice of having his prostate removed or undergoing radiation. I was searching for anything; clinical trials and medical innovative breakthroughs. I have a professional background in the field of radiation oncology and urology. I understand how much these treatments can impact wellbeing and overall health with long-term side effects. Prostate cancer is life changing! Glen’s wish is that he does not want surgery or radiation. He wants to maintain his quality of life while still being able to do his normal routine and the hobbies that he loves. After researching I discovered a groundbreaking treatment that is being performed in several states but is not available to us here in Kansas or Missouri. The only way we can provide Glen this treatment is to travel out of state to have the TULSA PRO
https://tulsaprocedure.com/tulsa-procedure/about-tulsa-procedure/tulsa-pro-how-it-works/ performed which will ablate the cancerous nodules in a 2 hour, 1x treatment, no surgery or radiation. He will be able to return to work in a minimal time frame. This treatment can expand his life expectancy.
In addition, there is a high definition MRI with real time imaging called the Blue Laser mpT3 MRI that is only available in Delray Beach, Florida and being performed at the Sperling Prostate Center https://sperlingprostatecenter.com/prostate-cancer-detection/
This real time MRI technique allows for precise treatment to target the nodules and perform a focal ablation that will avoid any damage to surrounding areas of the prostate or tissue. It has been confirmed that he is a strong candidate based on the review of his pathology, imaging and records. Glen feels hope is around the corner, but the treatment will cost $35,000 and at this time is not being covered under insurance.
This journey out of state will create a financial burden with travel expenses and medical bills. We would be very grateful for any donation small or large to help Glen receive this life changing procedure to be cancer free. This will also bring awareness to other men suffering with prostate cancer to know there is HOPE and other alternative methods. One day we will pay it forward to someone else in need!
Thank you and God Bless
Jenny & Glen Molloy

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