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  1. Hello my name is Neil grame I’m 35 and live in kansas me and my now ex wife finalized our divorce nearly 2 years ago and I’ve been struggling to save any kind of money to get a vehicle to get back and forth to work I work almost 20 miles from where I live I spend a large portion of my income paying other people for rides to get to work and get home once I have a vehicle from your generosity I’ll be able to properly get back on my feet and find a way to pay it forward to someone else in need any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated and I don’t need anything fancy as long as it can get me from point a to point b and to the grocery store and back as needed any of the excess money leftover I will be sure to put towards someone else in need im normally not the type of person to ask for help but I’ve been struggling to get ahead or even break even for almost 2 years now and this one thing can change how my life is and help me rise out of the huge hole I’m in at the moment I’ll also be able to go and get me son from his mother’s and take him back to his mother’s every other week instead of having to pay her to bring him to me and paying her again to come pick him up

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