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My name is Christina and I have been sick with Lyme Disease for the better part of a decade. Through my years of navigating this illness I became a patient advocate in the hopes of improving the lives of others along the way. I have worked with organizations small & large such as LymeDisease.Org, Global Lyme Alliance, and LymeLight Foundation to raise awareness and help fund research. My most recent work was with the LymeLight Foundation, helping to raise money to provide treatment grants to children in need. I am very passionate about this cause. The financial burden of fighting this illness is astronomical, and many patients cannot afford the most basic necessities, let alone any extra items to bring them comfort. This is where the idea of the “Lyme Warrior Giveaway” was born. It was created out of a need to give back to these warriors who fight each day to get their lives back. My goal for this project is to acquire items that the most vulnerable patients need but cannot afford. These are items such as: wheelchairs, heating pads, TENS units, infrared mats and more. All the items will be health related and items to bring comfort and pain relief to patients who need it most. While I am working to contact companies for donations, I still have some items which will not be able to be covered but are desperately needed for patients. Your sponsorship/donation will work 2 fold:

  1. Helping to purchase healthcare items which I could not get covered
  2. Helping to cover shipping and transport charges to get the items to the patients

As my way of saying ‘Thank You,’ your name or business will be listed on the outside of every item/package going to patients AND will be listed on a flyer sent with every item as well. I will also list your donation on my personal website. That is, unless you want to remain anonymous in which case I will not include it. Please let me know if you want to stay anonymous when you make your donation. At request I will also provide information on where your money went when the project is finished. I will have an itemized spreadsheet of what was purchased and how it was used. Please also leave this in the comments and I will make sure to get that to you at the close of May. I hope to make this project a success and help to get much needed healthcare items to the patients most in need in the Lyme Disease community. This illness is devastating and life altering in all the toughest ways, and it is my hope that I can ease a little bit of that burden. Thank you for your generosity. -Christina


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