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Update 9/6/2023
Zoe is in a very long recovery stage. She is very anxious as the ordeal she went through was life threatening. She has medical issues on and off every few days with one symptom or another, from loose staples where they cut through her sternum to do the open-heart surgery, to most recently she was retaining water and gained several pounds in one day. Her doctor prescribed a diuretic, and she lost all the water weight a few days later. She remains in tremendous nonstop pain in her leg and spine due to osteomyelitis and will probably need surgery for that.
Her needs going forward are many. She can’t work, the house and medical bills are still piling up, and her son JJ’s birthday is coming up. She won’t be able to work until well into next year. She needs to travel five hours back and forth to Lexington to see her cardiologist and infectious disease consultant. And we still have to come up with $450/month for car payments or she won’t be able to see her doctors. 
Please continue the prayers and any financial help anyone can provide; they are needed now as much as ever.


Tragically, Zoe, my daughter, has had emotional issues since she was 15, and her cousin, my nephew, and her best friend, died tragically in her arms at a local pool. She has very deep emotional scars that haunt her to this day.

My daughter acquired a staph infection in June that started in her brain and has since traveled throughout her body. It is thought this may have been caused by germs in the soil or a bug bite. She was a gardener for Walmart until they fired her on June 30, the same day she was first admitted to the hospital in Owensboro KY.  
She has since been transported via ambulance to a more renown facility (Univ of KY Med Ctr) in Lexington and a more expert cardiac surgeon. She has had emergency surgery on two of her heart valves and they repaired a hole in her heart she had since birth, and which was unknown.
Right before her surgery, we found out she had a stroke a few weeks ago and had a heart attack a few days before surgery as well.
Zoe (Alexander) has a 10-year-old son and their means are meager. I have traveled back and forth several times for moral support and to be by her side. My expenses to date to help her are also significant. 
The costs include airfare and hotel stays for me when she needs me there, food, and a car when I am there. There are also unpaid medical bills which can be enormous. I recently paid $1100 for coinsurance for one drug. 
This is her 2nd admission. She can’t contribute to housing, make her car payments, or contribute to the costs to raise her son and out-of-pocket medical expenses. The costs for JJ’s school supplies are unreal!
We have to find a way to absorb her $450 car payments plus insurance. The unanticipated expenses are unreal.
I created this fundraiser to offset the enormous costs for me and her that lie ahead and seem to compile by the hour.
We desperately need your prayers. Unfortunately, we also need financial help.
We recently switched our fund raising platform due to technical issues we experienced, but we did raise $3000 previously thanks to donors like you. Our new goal is $5,000 to go towards unpaid medical bills, housing expenses and living costs, as Zoe will not be able to return to work or contribute to those expenses for some time.
God bless you for anything you can give. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

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