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Hello my name is Emalee and I am a good friend of the Bragg Family.

For those of you who don’t know, Jimmy had a tragic accident on Wednesday April 10th.  He was on a ladder doing outside chores and spraying the roof off with a sprayer when all of sudden the ladder slipped out from under him.

Currently Jimmy is in the hospital in the PICU and they know that his T4 and T7 have burst fractures. He currently is in a brace and will be for the next 12 weeks after he leaves the hospital and goes home. He is also going to require extensive physical therapy but that will depend on his pain that he will be having. There might be surgeries needed later down the road as well depending on how things go.

Keri is working at the school but will have to help him a lot with this transition. You can only imagine the shock that they all are feeling at this time and not really knowing what their future might look like. Their two little girls miss their dad and would love to have him home!

Jimmy is the main source of income and this is going to take a significant toll on their family, so any help would be so appreciated. Keri and Jimmy are not the type to ask for help and this was a hard thing for them to swallow with me putting this together for them.

Their family is so torn on what to do next so anything anyone can do to help would be so appreciated!


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