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Hi, my name is Stacy, and I’m doing this campaign to help my dad…………..

My dad was told he had gallstones, and that he would be ok just get them removed…. my dad, the man he is he wanted to work and save money for his bills before he had it done. Well November 2023 a day before thanksgiving the pain got so bad, he could not take it no more he had to go to the emergency room, where they told him it was not gallstones it is stage 4 liver cancer, and that it had spread to his lungs, and he have months to live.  My dad is a man who got up and went to work every day, and enjoyed doing so, he lived from check to check so he had no money saved so now I’m trying to help him keep his bills paid for the little time he has left on this earth, and maybe a little to help with a funeral when he passes away. My dad loves his grandkids very much all he wants to do is spend as much time as he can with them, me as his oldest daughter try to make that happen for him when I can as much as I can, lately that’s been hard to do he has been so tired. I know it’s hard on him I could not imagine going to the emergency room for one thing and finding out u have cancer and is dying.


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