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Hi, I am Maurice, and the young man with me is my son, Nero. Nero has ASD Syndrome and is 11 years old. We have just gotten our own place after 3 years of technical homelessness. I now have part-time work and can rebuild our lives after Covid-19 and more than enough unfortunate events. BUT this is about my Ma. Nero and I can smile and continue to have hope for brighter days because of her and my dad.

My Ma learned she has COPD March of 2022. We were staying in 1 room in a hotel when she got sick. My dad had just had his first major illness a few months before (kidney stones) at 71. Our environment at the hotel was not safe on any level. Never detered my Ma did everything she could to keep us and our neighbors safe.  Sadly, my dad lost his job and developed a very bad blood infection that put him in the hospital and rehabilitation for 6-7 weeks. He could not return to our hotel room even though we had disinfected regularly, painted and pressure washed our mattresses/furniture.

A Series of Disastrous Events:

Heaven sent a representative from the City of Tucson who got us into a shelter with 2 rooms, and 3 beds. It was clean, and a bit safer for all of us. Unfortunately, interactions with the program head triggered my Ma’s injustice bone and she complained to higher ups about the treatment of us and a few other program recipients. Needless to say, ranks were closed among the petty tyrants, peopled were bullied into silence, competent caring staff reassigned, and we were exiled back to the hotel we had just left a few weeks before. Life threatening health issues be damned! Egos were pricked. Our petty tyrants wanted sweet revenge. They wanted to put us in the place they thought we belonged.

The Hotel:

When my Ma & dad got to the hotel with my brother, they discovered the room was right next door to our old room. They also discover an environment that was not fit for man nor beast. My brother videoed the room and my parent slept in their car for several days. We have hesitated to upload it to YouTube because it is so jacked up. But this is the way lots of folks in need and poor folks are treated every day.

My Ma has an allergy to indignity and injustice. Her life has required her to develop and hone skills and understandings most of us never really have to think about. I cannot remember any time in my life that she ever wasn’t hypervigilant about us, or anybody who asked her for help. She is a guardian angel for my son. My dad is my saving grace. He will do whatever is needed to make sure Nero is taken care of.

Flipping the script to support my parents, especially my Ma have a better life in their vintage years is the best thing I can do. I hadn’t realized how badly things were for them until I heard my Ma joking about old folks eating cat food when she was young. They have been cooking for me and Nero. They won’t eat the food I stored with them while Nero and I waited for our place. They have only gotten 23-25 dollars in food stamps since January of this year because the people at the state kept saying they didn’t pay rent. They have been paying rent since July this year, but still only get $23 for food a month. They recently got approved for housing assistance, but that took six months due to management issues. Sorry, I am don’t want to dump their life story. Suffice it to say…they have been heartily screwed for some time.

You are my only hope to ease the burden on someone who has helped support so many others, including me and my brother, with theirs. The amount of donations asked for will help my parents get control of their lives, and livelihood goals. Get them caught up on health bills, utilities, car insurance, and supplies to create an additional source of income for them. I will be uploading the hotel video Sunday and will link it here after I get their YouTube link.

I will also keep you updated and informed on Wednesdays.

Thank you for any help you can give my parents. Thank you for your time.

Maurice B Williams


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