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My name is James Hiller and my french bulldog and me are about to be homeless. My car broke down and I live twenty five miles from the nearest business so I have not been able to work for several months. My french Bulldog named Buttons is sixteen years old and has a skin condition which causes her to scratch until she is bloody and infected. She has been without her medication for two months and we are about to lose our place to live, our electricity will be shut off in six days, we have no dog or people food left in the house and if we have to live on the street I fear that the cold will kill her. I have tried to apply for assistance but cannot get it because they require documentation I cannot provide.

My dog is like a child to me and I cannot stand to lose her. if I can get my car fixed and my past due bills paid I will be able to easily get back on my feet, but right now I feel completely hopeless and this is a last resort. I do not even have any way to get into town to go to the food banks for food and even if I did I would feed it to Buttons rather than eating it myself.

Our heat water and everything else in our house all run off of electricity, and if it gets shut off we cannot stay here. The town we live closest to is small and has no homeless shelters so we will literally be living on the street in a few days. I was only able to write this because my neighbor who lives five miles from my house was kind enough to let me use their computer when I walked over here. I would like to thank, in advance, anybody who can help us.


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