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Dear friends and family of Ana, 

Thank you so much for your contributions to help Ana and her son. Some gave directly to Ana and for that we are grateful. 

An unfortunate set of events took place. Ana’s son was heading to the residential facility by a secure transport service and her son became aggressive and uncooperative. Because of new guidelines at the treatment facility, he had to be compliant and not resist the return. Every measure was taken to get him there and the facility to receive him but he would not cooperate and caused multiple issues. Ana had to meet the transport service and her son returned home. We are heartbroken about this development and ask for your prayers for Ana and her family. She still is responsible for the payment for the transport service  – which is over 5,000 dollars. 

We are closing the fundraiser as of 9/19/2021 and will use any funds collected to date to pay the transport service invoice. 

Please let me know if you have any questions by contacting me at jherronwhit@gmail.com 

Thank you so much! 

Jackie Herron-Whitfield 


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