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My sister, Sherrie and her husband, Daryl need your help!

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Daryl fell off a ladder sustaining life threatening injuries and was rushed to a Level 1 Trauma hospital. He suffered a concussion, a right eye orbital fracture, a fractured nose, nine fractured ribs, an AC separation of the right shoulder, a fractured wrist, a lacerated kidney and lacerated liver. He spent 15 days in the hospital, 5 days which were in Trauma ICU.

Daryl is a multi-skilled contractor running his own handyman business, but is now unable to bring home any bacon. Sherrie, the office manager at a physical therapy clinic, is also forced to take an “unpaid leave of absence” to take care of him. Daryl and Sherrie have been overwhelmed by all of the prayers, love and support they’ve received from folks locally and across the US eager to help. People have asked how they can contribute toward medical bills, meals, medication costs, transportation, etc, yet have not had a way for them to participate until now.

So, I have set up this medical crowdfunding site through GiveTaxFree.org to assist the extended community in helping them with these needs. Please follow the links and instructions to help, and thank you for your overwhelming interest and love you have shown our family!

~Richard Wisthuff

UPDATE 08/03/21: Daryl is at Home Recovering…
Daryl is getting stronger everyday. He has started Home Health Nursing, and Home Health PT/OT. He has several follow-up appointments with doctors this week and next week. He will be seeing a facial surgeon for his fractured right eye orbit and nose fracture. Then he will see an orthopedic surgeon for his A/C shoulder separation, wrist fracture, rib fractures and transverse process fractures. He will also have a follow up with the Trauma Team at the Trauma Clinic to determine if anymore fluid has built up in his chest. Hopefully he will not need any additional surgeries.

We appreciate all of the prayers and donations from everyone. Thank You! Daryl has said many times that WE are the ones who help people. He is having a difficult time receiving all of these blessings from everyone. He did not know that so many people loved him that much.

~Sherrie Hutchins

Sherrie & Daryl


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