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Hello, we are Chloe and Corinne Cosentino and are looking to support our sister Courtney on her impending road to recovery. Courtney is 27 years old; she is a devoted, empathetic, and kind friend, sister, and daughter. She is the type of person that exudes love and good intentions. Being the oldest of four siblings, she is always looking out for our safety and well-being, so now it is our time to care for her.

Courtney has been skiing with her family since an early age. But, on January 20th, she was in a tragic ski accident in Vermont accompanied by a group of friends. Due to unexpected conditions, she lost control of the icy trail, became airborne and was stopped suddenly by crashing into a tree at 60 MPH resulting in many injuries.

She suffered a compound fracture (open fracture) of the tibia and fibula just below her right knee, a compression fracture of vertebrae T7 and T8, a sprained right hand along with swelling and bruising.

With her friends help, they called for emergency care on the slope and transferred her via ambulances to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center and then Albany Trauma Center where she went to undergo emergency surgery. Courtney’s leg was nearly severed in the accident leading to intense blood loss, muscle and nerve damage and the possibility of above the knee amputation.

Fortunately, they closed her wound without a skin graft and stabilized the bone with an external fixator. She has stitches nearly 360 degrees around her shin/calf and the external fixator device supporting her from her femur to her ankle. After 4 days in the hospital, she is home safe with family until her next surgery to remove the ex-fix and permanently insert a rod into her leg.

She will have a lengthy recuperation process after her second operation, so we look to support her by taking the stress off medical bills, therapy bills and lost wages.

In addition, Courtney unfortunately lacks health insurance for the first time in her life and cannot return to work for at least 3-6 months. Courtney is the manager at Stretch Zone and a committed Orange Theory coach, both jobs who require much physical activity.

This incident led to a complete life switch for her. We are doing everything we can to get her through this challenging time and appreciate the support from those who can help. Thank you from the Cosentino family!


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