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This is coach teal and his wife, Christina they need financial help because of what happened to coach teal.

coach teal has fallen into a major heart attack and he is not looking the best as of 11/8/22. So me and some of my other teammates have taken the initiative to make a campaign for coach teal. This really hit our community hard and by surprise, he is an amazing coach who knew how to get our team rolling and when we won our championship he was the happiest for us. John teal is currently on life support and is on a breathing ventilator his wife has been in the hospital with him and has not been working. this has caused a tremendous amount of financial strain and hardship on the Teal family. This money will go towards and help a lot of different things like food, house payments, and hopefully his recovery whenever he beats this. He and his wife have 2 school-age kids one is in the seventh grade and is 12 years old, and the other is a freshman and is 14  years old. Both of his kids were coached by him at one point, too one of their names are Elijah (12), and the other everyone calls JT (14). If you are not able to donate that is fine, but we do ask that you keep him in your prayers. anything helps this amazing family -Oakville Jr tiger football team


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