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My story started in 2000 or before. This was the date of my 1st. colonoscopy I was 38 newly married, new father to Abigail our 1st. born. I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis, which progressed to ulcerative colitis in 2005. By then we had our second girl Jennifer. The next 15 years would prove to be very challenging as we found our girls were on the spectrum for autism. My wife Martha was a tireless advocate for them and they would not be where they are without her. The colitis was a horrible experience, we did medication and diet not too much helped.

Fast forward to 2021, bleeding in stools did a colonoscopy to find colorectal cancer in the rectum. My digestive doctor referred us to a cancer surgeon. They both agreed that because of my ulcerative colitis and its severity, the only option was surgery. I was scheduled for Dec. 2021, in the meantime radiation and chemo. While getting chemo developed a rare side effect called Beto-spams to the veins going to my heart. I was basically having a heart attack after an EKG and the stress test ruled my heart ok (thank God) we took me off chemo. The radiation treatments were horrible, fill your bladder so radiation would not go to other organs, then lay on a table that pressed on the bladder to get radiation. I had several humiliating accidents on those tables, to my horror (they assured me it happens but did not make me feel better!) Operation Dec.15, 2021, to remove my colon give me an ileostomy and sow up my rectum, I have never felt a whole man since. In Jan 2022 had major back pain rushed to the emergency room to remove fluid in the surgery area through a needle in spine, not fun. In Feb. 2022 back pain was so bad could not walk, after xray found cancer metastasized to the spine L3 fracturing L3 vertebrae, also spread to the liver and lungs. Feb. 2022 spine surgery to remove the tumor and fuse L3 to L2 and L4. My knees now are always numb and my back pain is better but always there.

Further treatment: started liver radioactive beads, radiation and chemo. Had scan 4-5-2023 cancer is growing. Only therapy left is chemo that almost killed me. Going to doctor 4-11-2023 to get EKG and see if I can get a new treatment. Also looking into an alternative treatment hospital in Medina Ohio not far from here but not covered under insurance.

I’ve exhausted my 401k and retirement, also I have no life insurance as iI always had insurance at job and last job terminated me after I had cancer. My wife works a very taxing job that drains her mentally. Our girls will always be with us and work part-time and volunteer at church disabilty group/class.

My daughters and I have volunteered at a camp called Liberty to help educate young children on our founding fathers and our nation when it began, also Jenny and I visit shut in for our church.

My main goal is to provide for them when I’m gone or hope to get cured, thank you so much for listening, Chuck


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