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Chioma Malkin is a young wife and mother who is battling stage 4 cancer that has spread to bones and lung tissue. Chioma and her husband Kyle (me) gave their lives to Jesus as children, and we both dearly love and serve Jesus. Our daughter Eliana is 9 months old.

We believe that God has spoken to us that it is His will Chioma lives a long life serving Him, so we are going to war expecting that and planning our lives accordingly. We’ve seen Him do miracles before, and we believe He will do it again — both miraculously and in guiding us to best support Chioma’s recovery with medical care.

Chioma has been battling breast cancer since 2019. On December 30, 2022, our rented condo flooded causing extensive water damage and ultimately resulting in mold due to improper restoration work performed. Because we were unaware of the mold for several months, Chioma became severely ill from mold toxicity. The severe illness was unfortunately a perfect environment for the cancer to spread like wildfire.

On Friday, May 26, 2023 at a family dinner, Chioma was having significant trouble breathing. She had been struggling to breathe and walk for several months prior, which was suspected to be primarily due to mold, though cancer and other issues were potential causes as well. Being unable to breathe enough was an urgent issue, so we rushed to the ER. We discussed and prayed about it, and decided to go to the hospital where we learned Chioma’s lungs were nearly 80% restricted by fluid, preventing her from getting anywhere near enough air. It had the effect of drowning her slowly. Nearly 2 liters (4lbs) of fluid was drained from her lungs over the course of several days. Additional issues were also discovered including a blood clot in her right leg, dangerous levels of calcium in her blood, and bone issues that the hospital suspected could be cancer. A bone was biopsied on Friday, June 2 came back positive for cancer metastasis. A lung biopsy later proved metastasis to the lungs as well, and two painful lung surgeries were performed to limit the re-accumulation of fluid in the lungs. The pain from cancer rapidly eating Chioma’s bones and organs was excruciating, even on the strongest of pain meds allowed. Chioma was released from the hospital on June 18, and we moved in with family who are helping care for us and Eliana while Chioma recovers.

We’ve seen God do wonderful miracles already. We were told by all the expert doctors who commented on her lung condition that the lungs would not reopen because they thought cancer had frozen them shut. However, her lungs have slowly been reopening more and more daily. As of early August, the right lung has nearly fully reopened, and the left is about 50% open — praise God! The cancer started to retreat once cancer treatments began in late June, and the worst of the pain largely subsided soon after as well. Chioma is also slowly regaining strength, and we are convinced God is saying He will cause her to recover completely. Please join us in continuing to pray and support her until Satan’s attack on her life is completely thwarted and she is restored. God is good!

There are many practical needs that have arisen from the debilitating condition Chioma is currently struggling with — she is often unable to walk unassisted, unable to drive, and unable to lift or care for our baby due to limited strength and energy. Chioma also is recovering from 6 invasive lung procedures and surgeries over the course of a 3 week and 3 day hospital stay in May & June, which was to address two partially collapsed lungs (seemingly primarily caused by cancer). I and other family members have become full-time caretakers for both Chioma and the baby, including doing extensive research into medical options available, driving to many medical appointments most weekdays, and helping with basic self-care tasks. As a result, our family has very little income at the moment from the limited time Kyle is able to work. Conventional medical expenses are covered by our insurance, but exceed it significantly from supportive integrative medicine procedures (anti-cancer, immune-boosting IV’s; PEMF; dietary supplementation, and a large handful of additional therapies). The integrative therapies cost about $2-5k/week. We’re using our life savings plus the generous gifts of friends and family (thank you, thank you to all those who are helping!!!) to pay for it all. The combination of conventional and integrative treatments we’re doing is estimated to cost around $120k at a minimum, and we will continue sharing updates on expenses here. For proactive accountability (so you can know we are wisely stewarding gifts well), we are tracking medical expenses publicly here.

If you would like to help support us, here are some ways you can do so:

1. Prayer

We believe God hears and answers the prayers of His people. We share regular prayer requests, and we invite you to join us in praying. To get notified when we send updates, join us on GiveSendGo or on CaringBridge  (where we share the same updates there, but you can also comment on them there if you create a free user account).

2. Financial support

We are so very grateful for those who have offered to help us financially. If you would like to support us, you can do so by giving here so your gift will be tax-deductible. However, if you want more of your gift to make it to us (because a credit card fee is charged on this platform), you can also give with no fee through Venmo (@KyleMalkin) or Cash app ($KyleMalkin). Or, if you prefer to work out an alternate method, please contact Kyle by sending him a text at (480) 797-9984.

3. Volunteer

There are practical needs we have ranging from help with day-to-day household responsibilities to meals to unexpected needs. To sign up for providing a meal, click here. If you would like to help in any other way, please contact Kyle by sending him a text at (480) 797-9984.

Thank you for fighting with us!


Kyle, Chioma, and Eliana Malkin


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