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I’m sick, we need help, insurance doesn’t cover treatment and it’s bankrupting us. Donations are all tax deductible through this site.  Thank you for reading my story and considering helping us.  Xo  Chamonix & Jim

For the past 6 years I’ve been dealing with some serious illnesses.  In December 2010 at age 34, shortly after getting married and not long after my husband Jim had been laid off, I became extremely ill and bedridden. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease 6 weeks later and began antibiotics.  

IMAG0487  IMAG0621  IMAG1731        

After 10 months of trying to get well and multiple ER visits I was worse than ever, had to quit my speech therapy job, leave NYC, and we moved in with my parents in CT.  I was diagnosed with many more infections and my immune system was not working properly. The Lyme doctors did not take insurance and appointments were on average $500 each time plus huge amounts for the supplements, weekly treatments, and tests.      

Jim, after being awake for over 24 hours at the ER when I went into anaphylactic shock.            Jim, after being awake for over 24 hours at the ER when I went into anaphylactic shock.



Yet another ER trip, for liver and gallbladder this time.                                        Yet another ER trip, for liver and gallbladder this time.

Six months after we moved to CT Jim found a job as a contractor for the Navy as an artist/illustrator at the Groton Sub Base. I made the scary and hard decision to stop antibiotics and use alternative medicine since after 10 months I was completely unable to walk, barely able to talk, and felt near death. Jim put me in a wagon and dragged me up the street so I could get outside.

Jim dragging me around in the wagon so I could get outside.  IMAG1828

What does this feel like?  Lyme that is not treated early can turn neurological. I had severe panic/anxiety, woke with a racing heart and crying, complete exhaustion, extreme weakness, severe migraines, numbness in limbs, massive brain fog, pains rotating all over my body, feeling like fainting, severe “crashes” where I had to lay down immediately and could not talk or move but could not sleep and felt trapped, uncomfortable and tortured feeling body, on and off POTS episodes (heart rate to 130 when standing), muscle loss, weight loss, nausea at all times, strange vision, massive balance problems, fear, despair, sleep problems, swollen glands, fevers, and many more horrible symptoms. I was not suicidal but I felt death would be a relief.

We lived with my parents for 2 ½ years and I VERY slowly got 70% well using alternative medicine. I began to slowly work again helping children and adults who stutter. This is my passion and love! I started my own private practice and taught at the nearby university.  I continued just as many treatments and the huge medical expenses continued but I was alive again and felt I had a purpose. That was 2013-2014.

We moved into an apartment on our own Feb 2014 but then I plateaued with my health.  I still did not feel right and knew something was still wrong. I tried stopping treatments, using diet, exercising more and I crashed in April 2015 and many symptoms returned.  Per doctor’s recommendation we changed treatment approaches and focused on adrenals.  This got me nowhere and infections began to return.  I pushed to keep working, teaching, and seeing clients.  Then in March of 2016 I crashed severely and could not get out of bed for two months. I had to quit teaching and put my practice/clients on hold.  I was having severe dizzy spells for a few months prior to this.

One of many many many IVs.  IMAG1093   One of many many many many IVs.

One of our cats began to wheeze badly so we tested the air for mold and results showed toxic mold.  We threw out over half of what we owned, moved into a clean small new one bedroom apartment, and I took a $700 out of pocket urine test that showed I am positive for a poisonous toxin produced by mold.  I am one of the 25% of the population whose bodies genetically does not identify and remove this toxin so it makes you very sick.

Mold Toxicity is REAL!                                                                     Mold Toxicity is REAL!

This current move was a huge stress and it tanked my hormones and set me back further.  I was told I am now infertile and can’t have a baby.  I found a doctor in Maine who treats complex medical issues like this and I also have my doctor in CT.  This past year I’ve gone back to apartment bound, weak, brain fogged, migraines galore, numbness in extremities, extreme exhaustion, feel drunk/drugged, weird vision, weak chest, suffocating feelings, uncomfortable body, sinus and ear issues, back pain, random joint pains, and the list goes on.

Feb 2017, awake but too weak to get up. Kitty love helps!! xo                                        Feb 2017, awake but too weak to get up. Kitty love helps!!

It is so hard to ask for help.  For six years we struggled and have not asked.  Medical bills have consistently been around $30,000 out of pocket each year, and this is with us doing just the minimum. With the huge set back this past year, I’ve decided to stop hiding how sick I am.  When I have a “good” day and am able to see people I fake it as best I can but no one sees the days or weeks of being in bed or in a chair the entire day (after day) that surround those few hours of “look, I’m fine”.  I had to stop driving again as well. 

lyme pix

I am determined to get fully 100% well.  It IS possible. I am believing on the promise God gave me at the very start of this affliction for full healing. Proverbs 3:5 is my anchor and God is my strength. I was 70% better at one point and able to work.  I’m now in a mold free safe environment.  I am beginning to treat the mold poisoning problem with the new doctor in Maine and then will work on those infections (Lyme etc.) again.  Jim continues to be my main caretaker. After a full day of work and a 3-4 hour commute he cooks, shops, cleans, listens, and prays with me.  I am so grateful for Jim.

Unfortunately Lyme is not recognized as a chronic issue by our government. The treatments and doctors which are helping me are not covered by insurance. The financial stress has been a huge burden for us and a constant worry.  Thank you from my heart to yours for any help or donation, no matter how small.  All donations will be directly applied to medical expenses. Your prayers and your love are also so appreciated and valued just as much.  I am determined to heal and be well.  Thank you for helping me to get there.     Chamonix and Jim 


        Lyme ignored by CDC           Lyme fastest growing                CDC fails

There are 34 new Lyme cases per hour in the US and 25,000 new cases per month.       


    Lyme in every state of the US.                 Persistent proof

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