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Although donations have dwindled a bit, Drew, Darby, Casey, Cindy, and my family want to sincerely thank you for those of you who have helped in any way.  Kind words,  donations,  quotes of inspiration.  When faced with situations like these you find out who your friends are!  It has been brought to our attention though,  that some of you are uncomfortable sending donations through online campaigns, and that’s ok! If you still want to help out in some way or send donations directly to Cindy and Casey,  feel free to reach out to any one of us for their address or contact information!  


Update 2/5/23

We have opened another campaign for those of you who want to donate that missed out on the first one. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Update 2/4/23 Casey, Cindy, Drew, Darby and myself are overwhelmed by the love and support of those close to us that have donated and reached out to them so far.  We set a goal of $5000, not knowing how quickly you all would be willing to help out!  But we are gonna keep going to continue helping out 2 amazing people get through one of the toughest, grueling, soul searching times of their lives. Again, we would all like to thank each and everyone of you for your help and generosity! Let’s all rally together to help Casey and his wife Cindy get over the “Hill”. As many of you know, Casey was diagnosed with rectal Cancer in May of 2022. Casey’s last day he was able to work was June 13th, 2022. He is the sole provider for the two of them. While Cindy babysits a couple of kids, they have been struggling financially.  Who would not struggle without a stable income for almost an entire year?  Casey has endured one round of radiation, which was very painful. He is currently on his second round of chemotherapy. which has left him very tired and weak.  He is scheduled to have an extensive surgery in April in Columbus at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Imstitute, which has a prolonged recovery period of a couple of months. During this recovery period he will not be able to sit in an upright position for at least 6 weeks.  Needless to say, their bumpy road has several more “Hills” to climb before they can return to “normal” living. They would each give the shirts off of their backs to help anyone in need, so let us help them a little. Casey is typically a hard worker, who hates asking for any kind of help, but he also does not want to put a burden on his family. Any help to pay their bills, get lodging and travel assistance for Cindy to and from Columbus while Casey is in the hospital, and to help relieve at least one stressor’s off of their plate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!


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