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Carolyn urgently needs some dental work which she has not been able to do because of financial problems. It’s necessary that she has this dental work done as soon as possible because it is affecting her health tremendously along with her overall life. Due to the severe infection in her mouth, she developed a dysregulation in her gut that led to gastrointestinal disease. It has also caused her to lose all her top teeth and bone loss in the jaw along with other health problems. The bottom teeth that she has left are loose and bother her especially when she eats.  She continuously has soars in the roof of her mouth because everything she eats rubs the roof of her mouth and that causes her to be constantly in pain. Her jawbone grew weak and started to shrink as well.

During the Pandemic she lost her job and since then she has been struggling to get a job and is causing her more financial problems as well as stress. She does great on the phone interviews but fails in the in-person interviews. Being 36 years old and with no teeth for the past 5 years has caused her to be insecure and that has caused her to not do well in her in-person interviews.

She applied for a Grant and got the news that she had been approved for it. She was so excited but when she went to the dentist, she found out that the Grant covered part of her treatment but not all of it. She still needed to pay out-of-pocket and does not have the means to pay. She went back home heartbroken. This amount will cover the out-of-pocket expense. It will cover a Complete Oral Evaluation, Cone-Beam CT scan, all bottom extractions, any needed bone graft, sedation included, dental implants, and Photorealistic 3D visualization of her smile before surgery.

I hope you find it in your hearts to please help Carolyn get her life back. Please help her be the person she has always been, happy, friendly, hardworking, always smiling, and helping others.


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