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I am creating this campaign in hopes I can get the extra help my fiance Seth Rutherford and myself need to gain Full CUSTODY of his 4 children, Jasmine(11), Hailey(9), Mya(8), Dominic(6). We have filed on Monday the 27th for emergency custody, and we didn’t get it because of not enough evidence which we predicted would happen with the short notice, but we had to try anyway. The kid’s actual mother has no job, and lives with her parents in a 3 bedroom house with 8 people now currently residing in it, her parents take 1 room, the kid’s mother and her boyfriend take the 2nd room, and all 4 kids(3girls1boy) take the last room. All 4 kids fear going home, and we need help getting a lawyer. The living conditions they deal with every day living with their mother are unsafe, beyond filthy and borderline hoarder-like. Hygiene at that house is non existent to the point where the kids are getting bullied at school because of it. My fiance and I can’t get the mother to take the kids to the doctors or anything involving the kids with anything. there is so much more that I could say but I will just sum this up with any little bit can help bring these wonderful kids home to a happy, safe, and clean environment they desperately need…


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