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Hi, my name is Jamie Buch and I have been blessed to be the wife of Bill Buch, the most incredibly loving man I have ever known. Anyone who knows Bill knows that he would do anything for anyone. He has always wanted to give a hand up to anyone who needed it, he doesn’t like to see anyone suffer and will do what it takes to help. Even if that meant he would go without. We have both worked so hard to be where we are in our lives and have payed it forward whenever possible. Bill just became a grandfather for the first time 6 months ago to a beautiful baby girl! Everything was going great and then our wonderful life came crashing down 10 weeks ago. Bill has been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma neuroendocrine in lung(SCLC) Stage 4, secondary neoplasm of the brain, bilateral adrenal metastases, spinal metastases with 2 fractures, and pelvic metastases. There is no cure for this type of cancer. This is a very aggressive and fast-moving cancer that shows no mercy but it hasn’t come across anyone like Bill! He is determined to beat this terrible disease and just needs a bit of help to give him the peace of mind to give everything he has into this fight. He is a provider and numbers guy, so not having an income he feels like he isn’t contributing enough to our home. At this time there is no sign that he will be able to return to work. We are doing everything we can to keep our home and our life but without his income it is a daily struggle. He is always thinking of others, trying to get things to provide for his family even as he is dealing with the worst news anyone could ever receive. He is a proud man, we have never asked for help for anything and have fought tooth and nail for what we do have but now we have to put our pride aside and ask for help so that he can put 100% of himself into beating this cancer. He would never ask for a handout, so I am asking for a hand up, anything will help and nothing is too small. Bill had a dry cough for almost a month and after coughing hurt his lower back, that’s when we decided to take him to urgent care. They x-rayed his chest and told us he had small signs that he had pneumonia and pulled a muscle in his back. By Saturday of that same week July 16th he was coughing large amounts of blood so I rushed him to the ER. That is when we found out he actually had a large mass in his lung and on his adrenal glands. We asked them to check his spine and found the cancer was in his spine as well as the 2 fractures. This news all at once devastated both of us, it was like “no it is just pneumonia!” Everything just crashed down on us. They transferred him to a cancer center where we found out that the cancer was also in his brain and pelvis, it just seemed to get worse by the day. They immediately gave him radiation to his spine and a biopsy on his lung which had complications but he came through it with such a positive attitude! He was started with chemo and then very aggressive radiation of his brain, the brain cancer is so spread out that they could not do pinpoint radiation but protected his memories (hippocampus) as much as possible. He completed 10 consecutive days of the aggressive brain radiation. He has had 4 multiple-day chemo sessions and seems to be doing pretty good through it all. His spirits have not dampened! He has good days and bad but will not give up the fight. While he is at his chemo treatments he has befriended new patients giving them positive encouragement and has made new friends through this process. Even at his lowest he reaches out to help anyone, in anyway possible. This has been a life-altering event in our lives but our love, faith and determination will help pull us through! We won’t quit, Bill’s fight song is Fight the Good Fight by the band Triumph! He is a determined man on a mission! Any and all help is appreciated more than you could ever realize, even just kind words of encouragement would mean so very much to the both of us! Bill is my world, my heart and soul, he is my life! Thank you for listening and for any and everything in this difficult time!

Sincere Thanks,

Jamie and Bill Buch ❤️


Things have been very rough lately. We have hit a bit of a rough patch as Bill’s adrenals are not responding to treatment and have shown growth with the last two CT Scans. There was also new tumors on his brain as of the last Brain MRI. We go for Brain MRI tomorrow with hopes they have shrunk or he will need to undergo Gamma Knife surgery for the tumors on his brain. We are struggling so very much emotionally, mentally, physically and now financially. We were hanging in there, robbing Peter to pay Paul but have come to the end of that rope. We will never give up; we will fight to the end, always. We have never asked for help from anyone but honestly I don’t know what else to do. Thank you so very much to all who have helped, we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Please share our story, anything helps at this point. We will be forever grateful. All our love to all of you.

Sincerely, Jamie & Bill Buch  Still “Fighting the Good Fight!”


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