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Amy has been a friend of mine for a long time she recently found out she has stage 3 throat cancer. She died multiple times last year after her heart stopped 7 different times, she now has a pace maker in, She an her 2 kids & their 2 dogs live in their vehicle in her parents driveway. Her parents refuse to let them inside, except to eat, and to use the restroom. If I had more room I would let her live with me but I am already helping others. She needs to get into a house, I think that she should buy one, but her ex-husband has completely ruined her credit, she is currently working on repairing it. She also has to completely furnish it, as he took everything except for her van. Which she now sleeps in. It is already August, it is going to be winter soon and her parents will NOT ALLOW them inside!!! As it is getting to be winter her parents will still not allow them inside, I don’t understand this type of behavior from any parent at any age, this is truly making me sick to my stomach, As I just learned that Amy’s vehicle isn’t even driveable, and she has to rely on her parents to take her back n forth to chemo & radiation therapy. 
She has applied for SSI and is awaiting approval she had to get an attorney as she was denied already. She has applied for low income housing but with out any type of income she is not eligible, the same with section 8 she has been put to the back of the lists. she can not go to a homeless shelter as they don’t welcome dogs even if they are service animals. Please find it in your hearts to me as I need help to get her into a house, and help pay for some of the medical equipment she is going to be getting. She will also need to buy food, cook ware, utensils, dishes, beds, and other necessary household items. Please help me help Amy. Thank you! Your donations will very much be appreciated and I would be so grateful to any one who helps me help Amy!!


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