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I don\’t have many friends, correct, I am 64 yrs. young and I do not have any friends.  In my 30s, I had about five but they proved to be users, so I found myself being a loner.  I liked being a loner.  I had my husband and two daughters.  That was enough for me.  I daughters grew up had families and moved away.  My husband said he could not take me being sick anymore and after 35 years, and me sick practically every day, I can understand that.  You see, I had breast cancer, lost a breast, and I am proud to say I am a 15-year survivor. Then came the Hep-C.  irreversible damage to the liver and kidneys.  But the LORD has blessed me to come through this as well.  And for the kicker, about four months ago, I had had half of my right lung removed due to Lung Cancer, yes, the BIG \”C\” once again. So my husband of 35yr. said he just could not take anymore and left me.  He left me with the rent, all the bills and most devastating of all, he took the car.  I get a small sum form disability, and if I skip a bill every other month and eat maybe a meal and a snack a day, I can make it.  My biggest problem is……I NEED A CAR.  My landlord has to paid in person, will not accept anything but money orders. I tried letting my neighbors buy my money orders for me and pay, but that only proved to be free money for them, and no rent for me.  I can not buy groceries because it is impossible to carry an oxygen tank and more than two bags of groceries on a bus.  I miss more doctors appointments than I can count. Because of my many health problems, I actually have 7 different doctors, and unfortunately for me,😥 I need them all.  PLEASE HELP ME,  I AM A FIGHTER……I NEED A CAR 😥😥😥  A used car, nothing fancy, just dependable.  I was afraid to put up a pic. Being \”Black\” is just not an \”in thing\”  these days. Thanks for caring.


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