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My husband has heart disease and has several stents. The last surgery he had, the insurance refused to pay for it. He is retired, and we live on a fixed income. I am not able to work right now due to my own health issues. We can not afford to pay the bill. It is 46,000 dollars. Any amount we receive will be greatly appreciated. If we do not pay the bill the hospital will take us to court and possibly put a lien on our home or maybe garnish is social security check. We cannot afford for his check to be garnished as it barely pays the bills. We also have medicine and groceries to buy. We live month to month, trying to stretch his check to cover all of our basic expenses. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for helping in any way you can. I do not like asking for help, but can not afford to make any more payments. I am not even sure how much they would ask for a month on such a large amount owed. I know times are hard, but anything you could give will help. I am hoping that we can get at least half of the amount I am asking for. If we are blessed enough, maybe the hospital will accept half of what we owe. I have done a lot of worrying since we found out the insurance refused to pay it. I sure hope you all can help.


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