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Hi,  My name is Karen.  I never thought I would be asking for help, especially on a website.  I work a full-time job and always have.  I pay my bills and help others when possible and  I pride myself on taking care of myself and being a responsible person.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and any help you feel lead to give.  For years I have had issues with my spine.  From bulging disc to bone spurs.  I’ve had 3 surgeries so far and currently am having progressive issues with my hands and arms.  I have been in constant pain for over 2 years and over a half dozen doctors have not been able to diagnose what the cause is.  At the rate my hands are deteriorating I will lose total use of my hands in a couple more years.

I have health insurance but it is not great and so I owe for more diagnostic testing and I am faced with more surgeries.  I am paying as much as I can now but I need help.  The stress of medical bills only compounds the negative effects of what I am dealing with.  If you feel lead, please give whatever you can spare.

Thank you so much and I pray God will bless you,

Karen Jackson


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