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This fundraiser is for Shaun Kranish for essential needs.  Shaun has been battling some ongoing health and vitality challenges for which western drug-based approaches do not have a solution.  Shaun will be using natural approaches such as special organic diets, supplements, and other approaches under the care of nature-focused medical doctors and practitioners.  Shaun Kranish is hopeful these protocols and care will be able to help him with the neurological issues he currently faces.  Shaun also suffered from appendicitis recently and had to go under the knife for emergency surgery which was successful but also negatively impacted his health.  He also had a bad time with the delta variant of COVID which has left lasting effects.

Hopefully all of the natural approaches will detox and repair and show the world the power of natural healing! You may know Shaun as the owner of ElectraHealth.com, founder of the organization ICarry.org, MakeTheStand.com, KeepANDBear.org, KeepItOnWires.org, and The EMF Explorer.

Shaun Kranish is a father of 2 girls – Elena 12 and Olivia 9.  The three of them enjoy hiking, swimming, playing sports, and the occasional movie together – particularly nature programs and documentaries.  Shaun enjoys playing hockey, traveling, meeting new people from different walks of life and sharing stories, volunteering, and learning each day.  Shaun never gives up hope and hopes to inspire people to inspire others to keep the hope and faith in love and make the world a better place each day by helping one another.  Shaun is a committed activist for all things natural health, environment, freedom, self-defense, personal responsibility, and equality.

Your generous tax-deductible donations will help Shaun Kranish hopefully fully recover and be back at doing what he loves – spending time with his two daughters, family, friends, helping people with EMF-related issues, volunteering, donating, and setting brushfires of liberty.


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