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[Future asks for help are unlikely, since this is basically the final frontier for B – let’s pray it helps!!]

Your generous support earlier this year helped me to attend the NavRAD conference in April. This resulted in us pursuing a therapy for B called neurofeedback. This is a therapy that utilizes natural neuroplasticity to help the brain function in a healthier way. B’s brain is kind of…stuck…for a lack of a better term. So, much of the effort she is putting into healing isn’t having a very big impact on her mind, heart or behaviors. We’d like for MOST of her effort have an impact, but in order for that to happen, her brain first needs to correct itself back into a calmer more functional space.

Neurofeedback is one of the very few HOPEFUL things that I learned about at the conference from the experts, and so I am hoping you might be able to help us continue down this path of healing. A doctor friend of ours located this facility (https://www.alternative-therapeutics.com/) that meets all the needed criteria to help B. It is a little…woo woo sounding, but the theory is solid and the research for kids with RAD is hopeful. We had our initial intake meeting and B really liked the therapist (yay!) – this week we see her brain map (cool!!).

The down side of it all is that it is not covered by Medicaid and is paid completely out of pocket.

Will you help me help B? All gifts are tax exempt through givetaxfree.org.

Costs breakdown

  • $3150 therapy x minimum of 20 sessions (highly likely that she will need additional)
  • $350 Intake and Initial Brain Map
  • $200 Rental neurofeedback device set up (so she can keep up the work at home)
  • $500/mo. device rental
  • Mileage and meals 1-2/week

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