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As slow as it may seem, life unknowingly can blink before your eyes. A shock to my family and me I was just informed that I have a 3 cm spot on my liver. Without a doubt, I thought I was healthy, love to play sports, I stay moving, and can’t sit still. I don’t hurt until recently, that’s when I found out. I didn’t prepare for this in any sort of manner, who can.? Trying to come up with my doctor’s bills and copayments for my upcoming appointments. Anything would be appreciated, I am not sure what is to come, really nervous, and alone it feels like. I’m only 34 and haven’t been to the doctor since I was 17 years old, until this recent ordeal. Feeling healthy as an ox is an oxymoron in so many ways. I advise anyone to go to the doctor who doesn’t on a regular basis you never know. Then it might just be to late, these things can be prevented or to know sooner the better, for your family and yourself. It’s always good to know what is up with your health, even if you can do a triple handspring into a backflip. Healthy isn’t always healthy. You will thank yourself in the future to know is everything, you can not stop or prevent something if it’s too late. Do everyone in your life a favor just get a checkup it don’t have to be weekly or monthly just get a 6 month checkup


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