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Hayden’s fight against cancer


Here’s our Granddaughter Hayden, fighting her Osteosarcoma bone cancer with a smile. A Beautiful Princess for sure, but dont be fooled, she’s as tough as a Pirate, a Dayton Pirate like her Mom, Jessica and Grandpa are – Except, Hayden’s sooo much tougher!
These pictures Jessica posted yesterday just warmed my heart. Hayden’s white cells were down to zero, so she had a blood transfusion today to get the white cell count up. They have to be up before the next chemo treatment. – Keep this Princess and her family in your prayers. And Thank you very sincerely to all of you who have been praying for her. The Lord has been showing himself throughout this whole ordeal, and still is. For THAT, I am so thankful!!


July 23

 They had to take Hayden to the Salem hospital… she’s at about a zero white blood count… 🙁 and a fever of 101.4
Prayers for no bacteria 🕆 ambulance will take her to Doernbecher shortly 🚑

JULY 15, 2017

Hayden has started her first round of Chemo last night around 11:30. She did well through the night.  This afternoon she started feeling sick. Of course, we all know chemo destroys the body and the side effects are going to be awful.  Please continue to pray for her and the family as they begin this 7 month journey.  


Hayden is a smart, vivacious and witty 9 year old daughter of Chris and Jessica Shenk. She just ended her 4th grade year at Terrebonne Community school this year in Terrebonne, Oregon. She has 1 sister and two brothers. Hayden has always been very physically active participating in karate, softball, swimming and basketball. She just received her green belt in karate. One day Hayden was playing in a tree and twisted her knee. Her knee seemed to be okay for the most part but never healed. Hayden’s Knee gradually hurt more and swelled up. On June 27th, Hayden was taken to the doctor to see if her knee had a pulled tendon or some other type of injury. Little did we know that x-ray would change her life. At the appointment the physician identified a tumor on the upper knee. On July 5, She went into the hospital for an MRI to confirm that it was a tumor. On July 7th, a biopsy was done, they diagnosed her with Osteosarcoma bone cancer! Over the next several weeks Hayden will be undergoing Chemotherapy. Her parents have to make a tough decision to replace the knee or amputate her leg either way Hayden has a tough journey ahead of her. We hope to raising funds to help Hayden and her family pay out of pocket expenses including medications, surgery, prosthetics, loss of work and other unforeseen out of pocket expenses to help the family during this tough time. It’s our hope that by raising funds the family can focus on kicking cancers butt! Hayden starts her chemotherapy treatments in the next week. Your prayers and donations would be greatly appreciated. The time is here, the battle is now. You can help. On behalf of Hayden’s friends and family, THANK YOU for your time and consideration. Please Help spread the word! Hayden’s Grandma Pratt

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