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January 2018

Happy New Year’s! Hayden and the family enjoyed the holidays together at home. AND we are excited to announce Hayden’s xray showed no cancer.  However, she will continue with chemo until March to make sure they get any hidden cancer that may still be lingering in her body.

She is a trooper and still fighting her fears of walking.  This has been the hardest part for Hayden so far.  Her physical therapy is going to get tougher as time goes on.  Hayden at times makes this process harder for herself, because of her fears.  Will you please continue to pray for Hayden to find strength, confidence and endurance to push through.

On Sunday January 14th Hayden started to get a fever, when they couldn’t get her fever down Chris had to take her to Doernbechers where she’s been since Monday with low blood counts. They had to give her blood transfusion and watch over her.  They confirmed Hayden has a cold which dropped her count very low. She is still in the hospital until they can get her count back up. We are praying she will be able to come home tommow. Please continue to pray for the Shenk family as they continue to battle. They are looking at March being the last chemo treatment. However, each time Hayden gets sick they have to push the treatment out longer. The family has been apart from each other making it difficult at times for mom, dad and the kids.

We thank you for your prayers, love and support. It really does make all the difference in the world to us as we continue this journey with our Hayden.

November 19, 2017

Hello Everyone!

As most of you know Hayden is half way through her chemo treatment at Doernbechers Children Hospital. Last week when I was up visiting Hayden Jade I had the great pleasure of watching her rehearse for a music video that Doernbechers is putting together called “Bed Stock”.  The music video will come out on the 22nd of November, so stay tuned! I am attaching one of Hayden’s rehearsal videos so you can get a glimpse of what I am talking about.  When Hayden started to sing, I was amazed of how well she sang.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

This week is Thanksgiving. Hayden will be heading to Doernbechers on Monday for her chemo.  Her  family hasn’t felt well and are asking for prayers because if Hayden isn’t able to get chemo on Monday, there is a chance that she will end up spending Thanksgiving in the hospital.  We want so much for Hayden to be home with us during Thanksgiving.  She ended up having to spend Halloween night in the hospital, however; she did have a blast! Doernbechers really knows how to put on a party for the kids on the 10th floor. And for that we are grateful.

Hayden has had some setbacks with physical therapy.  Her fear is holding her back from using her knee.  The window for her to be able to use her knee and walk without a cane is closing.  Hayden’s fear and pain is real, raw and unimaginable to a 10 year old.  If you could send her a word of encouragement we would greatly appreciate it.  You can send her a message at “Pray For Hayden Jade” on facebook.  Or, you could to send her a card of encouragement.

You can email me at cathrinepratt@gmail.com for an address, and I will make sure she gets her mail.

Again, we want to thank you for all your love and support as we care for Hayden and her family.

November 3

Prayers please… Hayden is still running a fever… it’s not goood considering she has little to NO WHITE BLOOD CELLS.. Nothing in her body is fighting the bad bugs.. PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR THOUGHTS!

Hayden was admitted to Doernbecher Hospital yesterday. She is getting antibiotics and fluids. She still has a fever. If Hayden crosses your mind will you PLEASE pray for her. Not only are Haydens’ parent’s going through a tough time so are Hayden’s 3 siblings. We tend to forget about the siblings that are dealing with such a scary ordeal. Yesterday Lylabell (Hayden’s younger sister) said, “Grandma, Hayden is going to be okay, right? I asked Lylabell if she was scared and with tears in her beautiful eyes she replies, yes. I’m scared Hayden will die. All I could do was hug and comfort her and tell Lyla that Jesus will always take care of Hayden and no matter what we always need to pray for Hayden. Nothing more heartbreaking in my opinion.
#Thejourneyisreal #emotionsareraw #HaydenStrong #HaydenJade #CancerSucks

October 16

Hayden is TUMOR FREE and a little bionic! She went in for her knee surgery on the 21st of September, where the they took out two different bones and her knee and replaced it with metal and plastic AND some kind of solid sponge that is attached to the upper bone to promote bone growth around the implant.
The first five days out of surgery were spent in the hospital.. she had physical therapy after the second day, and that was such a challenge for Hayden. If there was ever a bright side to cancer.. Haydens’ dark side is the physical therapy. She had no control- which means she had to do what they were asking of her.. even with pain. She screamed every step of the way.. she stalled every step of the way.. she cried every step of the way. It was absolutely NOT what any mother wants to see their child go through… but it has to be done! She had to push through the pain, she had to start the long rigorous journey to walking again, playing with her siblings and cousins! Going to school!! All her hard work now is going to pay off big time, I just wish she could see that.
We came home on the 26th and Hayden couldn’t have been more happy! Being at home makes for a quick recovery! Her daddy is here, her siblings are here!! Her own bed and trinkets to keep her busy are here! We didn’t let up on the physical therapy part.. but Hayden being home seemed to have helped her over come her fears and she is getting out of her bed, chair, the couch.. with ease.. She uses her walker as well!! The gals in the physical therapy department are going to be blown away with how much she is doing now… at least that’s my hope! She may just close up the next time she sees them.. so please pray for her to have courage and strength when they ask her to work her leg.. I know she can do it!!
We attended the Hayden Jade Benefit auction on September 29th! She was able to be there but she didn’t go unscathed… we think her nerves are starting to wake up so a few days leading up to the benefit and even today, Hayden has had deep sharp pain in her foot. So at the benefit, she wasn’t 100% at ease.. she ended up resting away from the crowd, but lasted the entire event! She rocked it and we ENJOYED the time we got to visit with friends and family that came out to support her.
We want to thank our family who helped make that night a memorable one! We love you all and have been blessed beyond measure by Gods grace through each smile, hug, conversation … it was a wonderful experience!

We are resting at home now.. trying to control any “break through” pain Hayden may be experiencing … waiting for the next chemo call back.

God is still our healer, helper and provider.. even when we can’t answer the tough questions… all we know is his promises.. that He works all things for the glory of those who love him. One day Hayden will have a light blub moment and come to the understanding of her suffering and others will be blessed through her story!
Thank you all for the love and support! God is good!

September 28, 2017

On September 21, Hayden had her surgery. The main goal was to remove all of the cancer. If even a small number of cancer cells are left behind, they might grow and multiply to make a new tumor. To lower the risk of this happening, surgeons removed the tumor plus some of the normal tissue that surrounds it. This is known as wide excision. A wide excision with clean margins helps limit the risk that the cancer will grow back where it started.

Hayden chose the limb-salvage surgery. This is a very complex operation. The surgeons had to remove the entire tumor while still saving the nearby tendons, nerves, and blood vessels to keep as much of the limb’s function and appearance as possible. The section of the bone that was removed along with the osteosarcoma were replaced with an internal prosthesis made of metal and other materials. I must say the surgeon was very excited and pleased with the way Hayden’s prosthetic looked. I guess when you’ve performed this type of surgery and work with many cancer children, one can get excited with one’s prosthetic turns out.

We are excited to announce Hayden is cancer free! However, She will endure about 12 more weeks of chemo to make sure they get any and all cancer that could be hiding. Hayden will endure painful physical therapy to learn to walk again.

In Hayden’s own words she says, “ This is my knee…we just moved and it felt like the red spot tore in half… I was so scared. My ankle also hurts from the blister… I was in pain and still kinda am.’

These words are raw and real from Hayden. It gives us a glimpse of what our little girl is feeling. She goes on to tell us how sad is really is too.

“ I’m soo sad right now because I’m not home yet and I miss my family…I just want to cry I want to walk in the field and in the A-frame. And fish in the river while on my feet so it makes me super sad to see pictures of friends and family playing at my grandma’s house. It makes me cry that I’m not there to see them and talk to them…I wish I was home with daddy and my family… I am sad…:’

Hayden was finally released to go home on September 26th. She is enjoying her family and time away from the hospital.

On September 29th at 4 p.m.  we are having The Hayden Jade Benefit Auction at J. Wrigley Vineyards located at 19390 Cherry HIll Rd. Sheridan Or. 97378.

Hosted by Donna Shenk. You can RSVP at Donna.Shenk13@gmail.com.

Dinner and dessert can be purchased for $8.00 a plate. Online bidding will be available as well.

Please continue to pray for Hayden’s recovery and strength as she learns to walk with her prosthetic knee.


             Hayden was admitted into Doernbecher on Monday for another round of chemotherapy… we arrived here around 8:45am. We finally made it to our room where they pumped her full of fluids until it was safe enough to administer the chemo drugs, which was at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The chemo its’ self only lasts four hours and the rest of our stay has been bag after bag of fluids to flush out the chemo drugs.. today her levels are a .35 and she must be below .1 to go home.. so we are almost there! Praying for tomorrow but it could be Saturday.

Monday was normal.. Tuesday was a very bad day. Hayden was given a steroid which caused a catastrophic mood swing. Her crying was so bad, our efforts for a few images of her heart were postponed for the next day. She didn’t eat all day long and the pressure of a feeding tube was heavy… but we got though it and the last two days have been nothing but positive! She is eating and getting about the ward with her physical therapist! She is also meeting with the hospital teachers to work on school.. which she loves! She’s making acquaintances with the other kiddos and becoming more involved with the activities offered by the awesome staff. She went to watch a movie with some kids today in the playroom… sat in a beanbag and ate watermelon! She just got back to her room from the Radiation ward.. they got an MRI of her knee which will help in their efforts to remove the cancer on the 21st of September. Her scheduled chemo treatment for next week is postponed until after the surgery, so we are getting a short break before we have to be back up here for minimum of five days. Thank you all for the prayers.. it’s hard all the time being away from her daddy and her comfort- but she’s is a diamond and I am so proud of how tough she is.

Each day is an opportunity for God to show his grace.. and my oh my how it shines. I think this stay has helped me realize that though there is evil in this world.. God is still in control and goodness is found all around. There are people I don’t know working on her prosthetic knee, customizing all the details so it fits her tiny little leg. I ask my self what drives these people to want to help and I’d like to think it’s compassion and love. Doing their part in making the world a better place.

The nurses come and go on 12 hour shifts.. in and out with things just for Hayden.. vitals, medicine, towels, snacks, activities.. all day long they are working for a ten year old.. making sure she is safe and as comfortable as she can be. I ask my self why…?? And again.. it’s because they want to help.. Help equals love .. love equals Jesus. Even if they don’t know Him, they are doing HIS work.. God is blessing us through each soul that works about this hospital … a soul created at just the right moment, walking just the right path… to end up serving a family who servers the one true KING. Jesus is so good, so caring and so meticulous with each detail of this season we are drudging through.

The world will try to make me believe there is no God, because cancer is its own form of evil. “How could a loving God let this happen?” they taunt.. blindly speaking of what they can’t comprehend, what is too difficult for their hearts to accept.. too simple for their pride .. questioning what God does as if they know how to create the seed of a rose, as if they know the secrets of the stars or formed the dwelling place of human creation.. This is what I’d say.. “On a daily bases .. a BIG GOD directs little things to fulfill His purpose: to build in the believer an undeniable, unshakable bond of faith, hope and GLORY. Gods’ GLORY .. that will be passed on through each generation… to whichever heart will accept Him.”

Cancer isn’t something I would choose.. or want any other living soul to endure.. but we have it… it’s ours.. therefore we will take up our cross and walk on with thankful hearts and our mouths full of praise. Many souls have been touched by the seemingly disastrous news of cancer, which makes our situation bearable.. our suffering is not in vain. Hayden was his before she was ours.. we have been so blessed beyond measure by her presence.

Thank you for the prayers and support, God Bless every single one of you ❤

2 Corinthians 4:18📖

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

September 2

A note from Hayden’s Grandpa Pratt
     We went to the Oregon State Beavers game today. They honored Hayden during the Second quarter which was pretty special. She had the opportunity to meet, hang out and be treated like a Princess by the football team since yesterday. That is pretty special I think.
We want to thank everyone that was at the game who cheered so loud it raised the loaf 😉! You too, made our little girl feel special and loved.

📖 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

We will be posting more pictures of Hayden’s day with the Beavers!
#GoBeavs #HaydenJade #HaydenStrong 
August 27, 2017

Hayden is home and resting after a grueling three weeks of chemo… she is feeling more nauseous and has puked more this time around… so prayers for that would be lovely..                                                   “Jessica”

If Hayden is strong enough this next week she will be doing the following.

29th: Hayden will be going back stage to meet one of her favorite bands for King and Country at the state.

September 1: Hayden and the family will be heading to meet the Beavers football team and spend time with the players.  On the 2nd Hayden will be coming out on the football field during the game and be introduced to the crowd.

3rd: we are having a surprise party at the Kroc in Salem.  Hosted by ‘Seeds of hope’.

Will you join us in prayer for Hayden. She will need her strength. We are excited to show Hayden how much people love her and are praying for her during this difficult time in her life. Again,  thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words.

As these events wrap up, Hayden will be preparing for the surgery on her leg and knee.  Please pray she will be recovered enough to join us for the Hayden’s Benefit Auction on September 29th.

Thank you from the Shenk and Pratt family.

August 18

Hayden is almost ready to come home from her third round of Chemo. When grandpa and I visited Hayden she was in high spirits, extremely tired, and a bit hungry. She however, mustard up enough energy to show us the Lego set she put together that her social worker gave her. She has always loved legos; this was music to our ears.   Hayden also wanted to show grandpa and I how to make slime.  Not only was she excited because it turned out we seen a hugh smile on her face that we haven’t seen in a long time.  As Hayden’s 10th birthday approaches I can’t help but reminisce the joy and love our little girl has brought to the family. I’m greatful for the love and support each of you have shown to Hayden and her family. Please continue to pray for her as she heads home to rest. She will be heading back for chemo round four on the 22nd.

August 13

Hayden’s second round of Chemo at Dornbeckers Hospital. We visited our Granddaughter Hayden, and her Mom, Jessica. Hayden is losing her hair from the Chemo, but she is so Beautiful she shines brighter than any Disneyland princess ever has, could or will. In other words, I have never seen a more beautiful young lady!! Hayden was pretty tired while we were there, so I borrowed the picture of her smiling from Jesssica, taken acouple of days ago. We also gave her the necklace my Aunt Ruthanne got her. Also, Hayden’s great grandma from California came to visit. Hayden is home now with her family and doing well. Her siblings missed her very much.


Here’s our Granddaughter Hayden, fighting her Osteosarcoma bone cancer with a smile. A Beautiful Princess for sure, but dont be fooled, she’s as tough as a Pirate, a Dayton Pirate like her Mom, Jessica and Grandpa are – Except, Hayden’s sooo much tougher!
These pictures Jessica posted yesterday just warmed my heart. Hayden’s white cells were down to zero, so she had a blood transfusion today to get the white cell count up. They have to be up before the next chemo treatment. – Keep this Princess and her family in your prayers. And Thank you very sincerely to all of you who have been praying for her. The Lord has been showing himself throughout this whole ordeal, and still is. For THAT, I am so thankful!!

July 23

 They had to take Hayden to the Salem hospital… she’s at about a zero white blood count… 🙁 and a fever of 101.4
Prayers for no bacteria 🕆 ambulance will take her to Doernbecher shortly 🚑

JULY 15, 2017

Hayden has started her first round of Chemo last night around 11:30. She did well through the night.  This afternoon she started feeling sick. Of course, we all know chemo destroys the body and the side effects are going to be awful.  Please continue to pray for her and the family as they begin this 7 month journey.


Hayden is a smart, vivacious and witty 9 year old daughter of Chris and Jessica Shenk. She just ended her 4th grade year at Terrebonne Community school this year in Terrebonne, Oregon. She has 1 sister and two brothers. Hayden has always been very physically active participating in karate, softball, swimming and basketball. She just received her green belt in karate. One day Hayden was playing in a tree and twisted her knee. Her knee seemed to be okay for the most part but never healed. Hayden’s Knee gradually hurt more and swelled up. On June 27th, Hayden was taken to the doctor to see if her knee had a pulled tendon or some other type of injury. Little did we know that x-ray would change her life. At the appointment the physician identified a tumor on the upper knee. On July 5, She went into the hospital for an MRI to confirm that it was a tumor. On July 7th, a biopsy was done, they diagnosed her with Osteosarcoma bone cancer! Over the next several weeks Hayden will be undergoing Chemotherapy. Her parents have to make a tough decision to replace the knee or amputate her leg either way Hayden has a tough journey ahead of her. We hope to raising funds to help Hayden and her family pay out of pocket expenses including medications, surgery, prosthetics, loss of work and other unforeseen out of pocket expenses to help the family during this tough time. It’s our hope that by raising funds the family can focus on kicking cancers butt! Hayden starts her chemotherapy treatments in the next week. Your prayers and donations would be greatly appreciated. The time is here, the battle is now. You can help. On behalf of Hayden’s friends and family, THANK YOU for your time and consideration. Please Help spread the word! Hayden’s Grandma Pratt

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