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Hello family, friends, and strangers!

Hannah, at the age of 35, was suddenly hit with a storm of blood clots in July 2024 causing back-to-back strokes. These strokes left Hannah with her entire right side, including her eyesight, nearly powerless. She has persevered these past months attending various therapies and doctor visits.

She is now able to walk without any help and, in fact, just two days ago she went grocery shopping with us without the use of a motorized cart!

Her eyes are healthy, but the connection is not there. With that said, her eyesight has improved to 75% but the greatest advancement has been her processing or concentration by her brain. She used to get very dizzy or see double vision or be unable to concentrate consistently without feeling nauseous. Overall, she feels that her brain concentration has improved 95% which has helped her significantly handle more day-to-day tasks. She has made some great improvements in this area since the beginning of January, and we are hopeful she will continue in a positive direction.

Lastly, I think what has been the hardest for her is her speech. Her voice has come and gone, come and gone, so often that she is worn out some days in believing that her voice will fully return. It is then I remind her of how far she has come, not how far she has to go. This is a good reminder for us all, right!? The doctor has been concentrating more and more on providing more stimulation for her brain to make those connections for speech. Hannah wants to express her thoughts, directions, and love through her words in a clear and concise way but is unable to.

Hannah is a wife and a mother of three who desperately wants to recover as close to 100% as she possible can.

The family is facing many out-of-pocket expenses, debt, and upcoming financial obstacles along the way and is in need of your support. Please consider giving! Thank you!


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