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My name is Shirley Edgerton and I was diagnosed with “Adenocarcinoma Stage 3 possibly 4 lung cancer”, that’s how I received the written diagnoses.  I live in this great state of Washington where the weather is beautiful every day; for me that was in early November, 2022.   Prior to my diagnosis I was already dealing with other grave and emotional issues for instance losing my last bloodline family members in fact I am still grieving as I lost a total of 3 due to covid. however, at that time, I also was an “essential worker” and preoccupied myself with work to cope.  The overwhelming impact of this and new discoveries such as pericarditis effusion, severe depression, the coughing of blood, the endless limitations that show up in my life has only caused me to fight just that harder.  While going through treatment 7 intervals of chemo and 30 radiation treatments was scary, at times very as the medical jargon was hard to understand (and I find that bedside manner has changed quite a bit with the medical profession).  I felt really alone, I often wondered if should I just stop treatment and die, I was hospitalized for those suicidal thoughts I really was in the thick of my dilemma, fear, pain, ignorance ALONE!  My request for support is due to having now only my disability to care for myself and being in absolute darkness on autopilot.  I had allowed my rent to accumulate to over $14,000  I don’t want to die in the streets, I have no relatives or friends.  I have lived in my unit for 4 years and  I communicate with my rental office the exact nature of my situation; the blessing here is that I have some time before the actual eviction due to covid creating a backlog, and prior to am still in good standing with them not to mention that this particular complex has had 3 owners since my tendency. I have recently made a decision to just suit up in total survivor mode to push myself, I just cannot die in the streets because that is what it would result in for me if I don’t go back to work and with the Pallative team that I have some new abilities within me has come about.  I have reached out to my old recently  (without letting them know my health status) and they have hired me back so with that and requesting some assistance for my back rent I will be able to continue to live and die in the beautiful, comfy home that I invested and made for myself.  At times I feel sad for myself, hurt, powerless, and there are times when I feel extremely grateful and hopeful it’s when I can say to others “Everywhere your flat feet walks on GOD’s green earth, try to carry the essence of mirth, the scent of Praises, and like Saul turned into Paul, having the mitigating gal to be in wonder of it All!  The one consistency that I call upon is Laughter!  No doctor had to prescribe it and I don’t have to wait in the pharmacy line to pick it up.


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