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*UPDATE:  We have reached the amount we needed for legal fees plus some to donate to the C127 group that assists foster families. We tried to change the amount but could not find the option on the home page of our campaign (a technological error).  God authored this life story for CR and we are so blessed to be a part of her life!! Thank you to each person who contributed financially and through prayer. 
Our family has journeyed this past year through some steep highs and extreme lows in a foster “situation” with a now 9-year-old little girl (CR).  We say “situation” because it is not officially through the state of Florida and a most unusual scenario to everyone we try to explain it to.  In June 2021 we responded to a prayer request in our small group at church, asking for protection and respite for an 8-year-old little girl in a tough situation.  The request was to keep her for a couple of weeks.  Her mom had taken her own life 2 years earlier and her father had transitioned into another relationship with a fiancé and new baby. CR was facing neglect and emotional abuses that would break your heart for reasons that do not make sense; and unfortunately, the state authorities did not deem them serious enough for formal removal.  Monica and I agreed to care for CR for a father we had never met, in our home for a few weeks in June 2021.  Those couple of weeks turned into a request to keep CR the rest of the summer, and then again, a request for the entire school year.  Without many parameters, legalities, or details, we agreed… naively.  And here we are, almost 13 months later, trying to negotiate a map that only God has the plans and protections for with a number of pitfalls along the way.
This past year we have worked to provide a loving family, with support from her incredible school (Ecclesial), friends, family, and pivotal church teachers. We have noticed significant improvements in CR’s physical growth and social abilities to calm, love, help, and participate in family initiatives.
One of the pitfalls that we face is lack of protection from any legal entity, which puts our entire family at risk.  For the past few months, we have been working with an attorney to help us get POA and guardianship.  After coordination and delayed attempts by CR’s father, on Wednesday 6/29 we received a call from our attorney that the needed documents were signed and official!  This is huge for CR and our family’s protection.
We truly do not know the end result for CR’s life… but we trust in a God that does.  We still see ourselves as protectors in a “foster” scenario and we are trusting moment by moment for God to guide and lead us through this very challenging situation.
Why are we sharing all of this personal information?  Well, we are asking for financial assistance.  After having an attorney draw up a new POA, legal guardianship, and consent for future adoption… the cost of coordinating and having such documents ready for signature has racked up quite a legal bill.  Currently at $6400!  Bottom line, we feel led to ask for financial support as to not carry this burden for CR and our family protection alone.  Up until this point our family has not received any direct child/financial support from any individual or entity.  Please do not give out of guilt or if you don’t have it to give.  We know these are tough times.  We also know that there are very generous people around us who have asked how they could support us and may feel led to help monetarily.  Any donation is appreciated.  Any unused funds that may be over and above what is needed for legal bills and counseling will be donated to The C127 organization, which supports foster families.
Whether or not you come to a peaceable conclusion to donate, we appreciate and need your prayers!  (We really, really do!) For CR’s future as well as our family.  Thank you!  May God bless you and your family!
*For CR’s privacy, we have purposely kept our situation off social media this past year. For now, we would also like to keep this campaign between family/friends or friends of friends, and not on any global social media. (It is publicly posted on this campaign page and can be accessed by sharing of the QR code or link directly.) Thank you for your understanding

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