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Guillian Barre is a rare condition that causes rapid paralysis, ranging from mild to severe. My sister contracted a very severe case of Guillan Barre in January 2015. She was a strong, robust homesteader, organic gardener, landscaper, floral designer, champion dog breeder, trainer and performer. Within a matter of days, she was completely paralyzed, on a respirator and feeding tube. She was channeled through the medical system for 9 months: ICU, Acute Care, Respiratory Rehab and Physical Rehab. The emotional devastation this has brought to her life amidst the lack of medical and financial resources to meet urgent and ongoing needs is beyond comprehension and is still a struggle today. Although she is now home and ambulatory, her body is not “walking” or moving like a “normal” body. She is susceptible to falling down or hurting herself because many parts of her are atrophied and deformed from prolonged lack of neurological stimulation and misuse. She cannot be left alone. Her body is disfigured and she suffers from depression due to the loss of her former life, identity and livelihood. Her needs for medical care and supplies exceed what is available through insurance, savings and the support of family and friends. She and her partner are now on the verge of bankruptcy and in need of a miracle. Won’t you considering being part of that miracle? We are asking for $50,000 to be apportioned as stated below. Your Donation is eligible for a get a tax deduction and you will receive an official receipt from givetaxfree.

  • HOME REMODEL: The home remodeling project begun in 2014 has been placed on hold due to competing priorities, loss of income and redirected funds. It is estimated $20K is needed to finish her home and make it handicap friendly.
  • FULL TIME PERSONAL ASSISTANT to fill time slots not covered by insurance so her partner can return to work. Estimated to be $20 HR x 20 hours weekdays x 52 weeks equals $20, 800.
  • UNREIMBURSED MEDICAL EXPENSES: Estimated: $120 week times 52 weeks equals $6240
  • NECESSARY TECHNOLOGY: Video camera and hands free technology $3,000

Thank you so much for your contribution. Stay tuned for updates!


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