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On Wednesday 10/05/22 Grant was riding his motorcycle when a driver did not see him waiting in the middle lane where he ended up t-boning Grant where he was thrown from his motorcycle and landed about 20 ft from his vehicle. There he was taken EMS to Mckay Dee hospital where he was quickly assessed he needed to be life flighted to IMED in Murray for their trauma unit. Grant has sustained multiple injuries from a skull fracture, facial fractures, missing teeth, and a broken pelvis, spine fractures, with some other injuries. Grant is always the first one to show kindness in aide to others and he is always willing to drop everything and come to their aid. He has been a welder for many years and can always be found making various items for people to enjoy Although the doctors are expecting him to recover well from this it will be a very long process, with months of medical bills that will start to pile on shortly.

Grant is looking at a couple of weeks in the hospital, then will most likely be going to a 24 hr rehabilitation center to build up his strength after surgery on his pelvis and be able to walk again and get back on his feet.  Whatever you can give we are appreciative and grateful for your generosity and kindness in helping our dad get back on his feet and help our parents with medical bills as they navigate trying to pay all of his medical expenses.


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