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Graisyn Moyes was born in Salt Lake City, UT as a medical difficulty delivery, and had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 34 days before he could go home to Helena, MT.

He has a congenital kidney defect that has rapidly progressed.  His family has faced many challenges through his young life already, and has had may airlifts to many different hospitals already.  He is  currently being fed with a GI tube and requires a special diet to maintain his bloodwork at healthy levels. A minor issue for most kids his age, like catching the flu, results in a hospital stay for Graisyn. He has weekly doctors visits to keep him stable.

He is now 3 years old and living with his family in Helena, MT. The  kidney disease has progressed  and he is currently in stage 5 kidney failure. He is on the list for a kidney transplant, which may take place in either Seattle or Salt Lake City.

Insurance will not cover the complete cost of the transplant. His family will also have to stay in the hospital area for an estimated 6 months after the surgery for specialized care.  Graisyn’s father works full time, but the medical and housing bills will present a huge financial challenge for this young family.

Our goal is to provide Graisyn’s family with the money to alleviate the stress of paying for a place to stay those six months and their estimated cost for the transplant. We think the family should be able to concentrate on Graisyn’s recovery and not finances.

All donations are greatly appreciated.


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