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A good friend of mine is currently fighting colon cancer.  He has been battling cancer for 3 years!    He has lost almost everything due to the financial cost the situation has placed upon him.  He has always been a hard worker and has always done what he can for others!  He is embarrassed about being in this situation and does not like having to ask anyone for help.   He has depleted all of his resources at this point  and is struggling just to survive day to day.  Because of his health he is not able to work and his income is very limited.

He recently had his car repossessed which is going to make getting to doctor and treatment appointments difficult. To get his car back he needs $2650.00  He recently shared with me that he has not had money to buy groceries in 3 weeks and does not have money to get the medication refills he needs.  If you can help in anyway he would be extremally grateful . I do what I can to help but this is out of my ability to overcome.

I am hoping to raise enough money that he can get his car back and be able to buy some groceries and get his medications for the month.  All of these things together are just about 3,000.00.

Even if you would just like to help get him some groceries you can get in contact with me and I will help facilitate that process!  If you can help please do!  Please share!  No one should have to worry about having food to eat while they are fighting cancer!  Thank you for any help that you can provide


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