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This person in need is my sister Glenda.  As most of you know she’s been a faithful servant of God all her life.  She has served the House of God with diligence and compassion.  Glenda is a prayer warrior, a giver and a pastor to many.

As most of you know Donnie, Glenda’s husband has been detoriating in health rather rapidly over the past few years.  This has taken a great toll on Glenda physically, emotionally and financially.  Glenda herself is no longer capable of holding down a full time job.

She came to me with her needs and it broke my heart.  I wish I had the money myself to just write a check and let it all be taken care of.  Because, God knows I would if I could.  She is behind on her house payment by several months now.  Her house payment is $400 a month.  Her utilities are behind as well, not sure how much they run.  They heat with wood because they can’t afford the gas heat.

They have no money for food or the necessities of life.  She has begun the process of applying for help but the process is long.

I am asking on behalf of our sister, your mother, your grandmother, your friend, your pastor to please see this need and lets help meet it.

I put the goal for $3000 as a ball park figure it would be great to do more.  So please post this to friends, family etc..  We can use this method for me to make the withdraws and pays the bills, get her groceries etc…  I am asking you to pray about this and let God speak to your heart to give a little or alot each month or whatever you can do to help.  Listen to His voice.

Love you All,

Juanita Winberg.

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