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Thursday 7/15/2021 at 9 am is my

#10 Chemotherapy treatment at EuroMed, Phoenix, Arizona; 


Do you know these flowers have lasted all 4 weeks that I have been here?

they were part of a larger bouquet gifted to me by my cousin Kathy.

Wednesday, 7/14/2021, I met with the EuroMed Doctors and was advised that we needed to

CONTINUE with Chemotherapy for 4 days every 2 weeks!  How this is going to be able to happen logistically and financially I do not know.  Each time (month) I come back to Phoenix it will be $4,508.00 plus travel and lodging for 4 days. How many times?  I don’t know – no one knows.

They reassured me that they can help me get all the way to recovery.  They said they would tell me if they thought I wasn’t going to experience the outcome of full remission.

Therefore, I AM ASKING ALL YOU PRAYER WARRIORS to join me in asking my heavenly Physician what HE wants for me next, IF it is to continue this treatment or to seek another?

Bear in mind why I am here in the first place and that is because my body will not tolerate traditional chemo therapy.  So I am receiving LOW-DOSE Chemo Therapy which is an alternative in medicine and not covered by Medicare or the Insurance supplement.  You can scroll way down in this BLOG and read more about it.  I am also allergic to Herceptin, which is the main drug of choice for my type of breast cancer, HER-2+.

I would love to hear from you all and am more than glad to pray with you over the phone:


or contact me by email:




THURSDAY  7/8/2021

$5,000.00 DONATION!

Put us over the top and now I can get the Chemo Treatments I need

to finish this round by Friday 7/16/2021.


 This is my 4th Week at EuroMed Foundation

Will receive my #8 Chemo round at  11 am Friday, 7/9/2021

AND THE LAST TWO, #9 & #10 Chemo rounds NEXT WEEK

and then we will be heading out of Phoenix for home in Shingle Springs, CA.


This is my Chemo Therapy Administering Team, yes, they all have duties to perform in my therapy.  However, some hours later the cancer decides to really burn like a volcano

as it is succumbing to the chemo. Hopefully it won’t be so severe this time…

This is the last round that I have full funding for!

I am not asking YOU for money,

but to spread the word around, especially businesses that will be

needing a tax write off now in JULY.

The day after Chemo I am supposed to receive IV Vit C augmentation along

with other supportive therapies to the Chemo and to help my immune system. I have done this a couple times, but no more funds to purchase it, cost – $398.00.

Posing with one of the nurses, who is from Jamaica

There are many treatments that I need to have that we have not raised funds for yet.

Please continue reading to understand.

(If you are on a cell phone you can easily expand the screen to read the fine detail.)

These are the charges on the days I receive the IPT CHEMO

$2,204.00 2 x a Week = $4,408.00 x 5 Weeks = $22,040.00

However, the total will be more than the $22,000  quoted for the Chemo treatments, because my protocol has changed and we have had to add additional therapies on the 3 other days that I don’t receive the IPT CHEMO. This was not explained initially to me and so I didn’t find out until the actual fact of happening once I arrived and started treatments here at EuroMed.

Here is an example from 6/15/2021 and the total is $798.00, if we make this the average on the remaining 3 days of the week, for 5 weeks we are looking at around $11,970.00 or almost $12,000.00! By the end of this next week, we should be settled upon a protocol and that will help me to estimate a target cost a little more accurately.


UPDATE End-of-the-day WEDNESDAY 6/23/21:  Sick as a dog all day, lots of pain in abdomen on the left side.  Went in for the LIGHT THERAPY and then to Colon Therapy, have a little relief.  My guts have taken a beating from the pain meds. Going in for CHEMO at 10 a.m in the morning and then pain management at 2 pm.  Trying to change pain meds since the Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are racking havoc on my intestines.


Today was the Immune Boosting Protocol:

1 IV bag of Vitamin C 25 grams; 1 bag Alpha Lipoic Acid 600;

and 1 bag Glutathione 800 

Then to the SUPER SAUNA

NOBLE GASES:  Xenon, Argon, Krypton, Helium

This is a private experience in your birthday suit!

20 minutes standing front facing lamps,

20 minutes standing back facing lamps

  • Photon Genetic Energy
  • Life Force Energy Transmission
  • Harmonic Frequency Tube technology
  • Harmonic Far Infrared Energy Transmission
  • Vibrational Therapy

The Super Sauna works electromagnetically, meaning it is healing you through the inside out. It is a life force energy transmission, harmonic frequency tube technology and harmonic infrared energy transmission. This Super Sauna is the most powerful full spectrum. Super Sauna sessions encourages the body to produce Nitric Oxide which is nicknamed the “Miracle Molecule” which has been known to help the cardiovascular system in not only preventing heart disease but reversing heart disease. As a result of increased Nitric Oxide, genius sessions noticeably help the body

with improved oxygenation, blood flow and circulation which are key for the body’s healing abilities, including pain relief.

It produces antioxidants, neurotransmitters and artery wall relaxers. It regulates muscle tone of arteries. It is anti-inflammatory, preventing injury to vessel walls and normalizing blood pressure in the process.

(Picture above:  This ice pack helps cool the feeling of volcanic lava burning constantly inside my chest cavity, burning clear through to the back. I kid you not, cancer pain is torture!)

Read MORE about harmonic-frequency-color-therapy-hyperthermia  – copy URL below and paste into your browser


All I can say is that I want the SUPER SAUNA treatment every day!  I really felt the power of this therapy!  It alleviated pain for quite a while, gave me energy, and I felt BRIGHT all over like someone took me up several flights! 

This treatment referred to as a “SUPER SAUNA Photon” – Heat & Light Sessions, 

work with heat and light to affect the tumors

I have seen pictures of women presenting huge tumors and how they have shrunk tremendously with these treatments. I have by faith consented to this add-on believing we can raise the funds for it.  The list includes Photon Genetic Energy; Life Force Energy Transmission; Harmonic Frequency Tube technology; Harmonic Far Infrared Energy Transmission; Vibrational Therapy. The machine works with Noble gases which are completely balanced in their number of electrons, protons, and neutrons. 

Xenon, Argon, Krypton, and Helium all play a part in these therapies. 


Picture from yesterday

Monday, 6/21/21, which was CHEMO TREATMENT #3

I am receiving only 2 Treatments per week due to a third would be too much

and I need other interventions in between to help my immune system and help my body eliminate the poisons that build up.

Receiving my pack of CHEMO delivered after giving me insulin to lower my blood sugar to about 53, this opens the doors to the cells and they gobble up the chemo-cocktail that they just love…then the glucose is administered and BAMB! The door is closed –

locking the CHEMO inside the cells – and they die!

I go into the Clinic 5 days a week, M-F, and the treatment varies each day due to how I am adjusting to the protocol.

All IV packs are administered through a “port” that was surgically installed last year so

that my veins don’t have to be poked all the time.

Additional Therapies and Testing throughout the week

  Had my first Bio-Well analysis which gives an in-depth way to detect problematic zones in the body and to visualize the effect of therapies IN ENERGY PATTERNS as we track my progress.

Click Link above to learn more about Bio-Well and body energy forces affecting our organs.

I have already ordered a Nebulizer and will be doing a number of therapies through this type of delivery. I will also be receiving Nutrition Counseling which is dependent upon Nutrition Response Testing. And this is just the beginning of really streamlining the protocols to my particular needs.  This is an in-depth program to restart the broken immune system as well as using drugs to kill off the cancer.

I did not realize that the supportive therapies were in addition to the CHEMO and that means payment for them are in addition to the  $22,000.00 for the CHEMO THERAPY, so we have to keep getting the word out for donation support!

May you receive great blessings for your help to me.



Thank you from my heart! 



Please continue to share this link:  https://givetaxfree.org/campaigns/give-hope-4-life-to-nicole-carlson/


If you know anyone struggling with cancer, please tell them about EUROMED FOUNDATION


EuroMed Foundation has 5-Star ratings and zero complaints with the BBB. And I see many people at the Clinic every day getting their Cancer treated.

The Campaign STATUS shows we are now at 63% of our goal, and have raised $15,013.00!

You have helped me to meet my target date to start the cancer treatment program; and I have now started my THIRD week tomorrow am at EuroMed Clinic , June 28, 2021!

I am going to leave this campaign open to pay for the rest of my chemo treatments, and additional add-on treatments and prescriptions as necessary and which are not covered by Medicare and my secondary insurance.

I will be learning a new way of LIVING both in thinking about and working with my body.

I especially want to thank those who don’t know me well, but are giving for my life’s sake anyway.

Bless YOU – and may God reward you 100 times over for what you have given

for my cancer treatment.

Nicole Carlson


Interesting Trees in this Desert Land

The Foothill Palo Verde (sometimes called Yellow because of the yellow-green bark and foliage), prefers rocky slopes and gravelly flats. The Foothill grows more slowly but lives longer, up to 200 years or more in the wild. The range for both includes southern Arizona, Sonora and Baja, Mexico.



Nicole Carlson’s mastectomy of the left breast due to cancer invasion was successful only in part; not all of the cancer could be removed in this location. Nicole has NOT been able to tolerate traditional approaches due to allergic reactions to Chemo drugs initially used.  Diligent use of many other interventions have failed to eradicate the disease over the past year.  In addition, this is a fast moving metastatic HER-2+ Breast Cancer that continues to grow in her left arm lymph nodes, left lung, and scattered places in the upper left quadrant of her breast and chest area and now also a spot is next to her spine at T-10. (alarming!!!) Nicole is in a LOT of pain and has to take meds every three hours in order to function and be able to smile in spite of this condition.

Originally, Dr. Dean encouraged Nicole with the possibility that in about 1 1/2 weeks

after starting the cancer treatment, she could become pain free! That was great news to hear, seeing how she is on two STRONG opiate drugs just to function and make it to Phoenix. However, not knowing how fast the cancer is metastasizing; it is obvious that it will be taking longer to kill the cancer; because here we are into the 3rd week of treatment as of 6/28/2021 the the pain is still severe.

Even though Nicole is at stage 4 breast cancer, the Good News is that a recent Pet-CT Scan (now about a month and a half ago) revealed that the cancer HAD NOT YET invaded her bones or other organs with the exception of the left lung, so she is an EXCELLENT candidate for the intense 4 week, 5 days/week, treatment by the EuroMED FOUNDATION in Phoenix, Arizona, per Dr. Dean, MD. As the Director of the clinic, he says she is an excellent candidate also because of her general health other than the cancer, so he expects complete recovery.

Dr. Dean works closely with a group of doctors using their latest FDA approved drugs to fight cancer as well as consulting with front-runner European Doctors.  He uses the George Protocol, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, which allows the administration of a cocktail of Chemo drugs especially designed for each case in a very low-dose, one-tenth the amount of standard chemotherapy,

resulting in very low or sometimes no side-effects. 

This Fundraiser was created because Nicole has exhausted her personal ability to fund this URGENTLY NEEDED therapy, the main roadblock is due to new regulations preventing her from refinancing her home to fund these medical expenses; and Medicare will only cover labs and imaging.  She now must turn to YOU for help to raise the remaining amount needed to equal $24,000.00.  Any donation that you give is tax deductible because givetaxfree.org is a 501c3 organization. Donations are processed through a secure credit card processor called Stripe. (see https://givetaxfree.org/how-does-crowd-fundraising-work/)

Thank you for FUNDING this LIFE-SAVING treatment for Nicole Carlson and SHARING THIS LINK with your contacts.


THANK YOU for reading

this and sharing!

F. Nicole Carlson



I want to see my Granddaughter again – she “Lights up my Life!”

LOOKING FORWARD to being well again,

cancer free and able to resume my business,


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Sure want to feel this good again!

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